You know, deciding how to pack before leaving for a trip is not easy, and how to prepare the best travel luggage even more. To succeed in the task you have to think about what you want to bring and what to pack, for this you need to know the climatic situation of the travel destination and calculate any possibility and eventuality, anything can happen.

What to bring in your suitcase

Packing doesn't have to be a hassle, especially if you follow our tips on how to pack before your well-deserved vacation.

Make a list of things to pack

Before leaving, it is very important to make a precise and tidy suitcase list with the list of everything you want to bring with you: the number of shirts you need, golf, trousers and all the things you consider essential for the trip.

Think carefully about what you will wear

Before starting to pack, think of a suitcase list with any looks and models you might wear. For this reason, we recommend doing it at least the evening before departure, to be able to deal with the 'suitcase problem' calmly and calmly.

Use hand luggage

Hand luggage must be your best friend, not only for airline space constraints, but also for any lost or delayed luggage. Avoid nasty surprises and keep all your valuables in your hand luggage. Do not forget that the weight and size limits of hand luggage or restrictions vary according to the different airlines, so you need to juggle the weight and size of hand luggage.

Use all available space

Don't forget to use even the smallest spaces left in the suitcase. You can use them to fix smaller things: a book, an umbrella, medicines, etc. Weigh your bags before going to the airport and make sure they are within the limits, otherwise you will be forced to pay a supplement or re-pack your bags by redistributing your belongings until they are within the permitted weight limits.

Packing your suitcase by rolling up your clothes

Not everyone knows this, but rolled-up clothes not only take up less space, they wrinkle a lot less. Try it while packing your suitcase, you will not only reduce unwanted creases in your clothing, but you will also save some space in your suitcase.

Organize a suitcase in layers

Place skirts and trousers on the bottom of the suitcase as the first layer without folding them, after jackets and shirts with the buttoning upwards and finally sweaters and sweaters. Heavier things, such as shoes, should be placed on the opposite side of the suitcase handle. If you need them, buy the adapters before you travel, you will avoid the exorbitant prices of the airports.

Limit your liquids

Security measures for liquids in hand luggage are applied for all customers departing from any airport in the European Union, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Brazil, the United States and South Africa. Liquids, gels and / or aerosols must be in individual packages whose capacity cannot exceed 100 milliliters. These containers must in turn be contained in a transparent bag with an opening and closing system with a capacity not exceeding 1 liter. Before packing your suitcase, remember that you must present the bag separately at the hand luggage security checks, the containers of liquids must be positioned in such a way as to allow staff to inspect them in the simplest way.

Bring on board a change of extra clothing

If you have enough space in your hand luggage, it is always good to bring a change of clothes and underwear in case your suitcase is lost or your flight is delayed and you have to spend the night at the airport or in a hotel.

Bring some medications you may need

Before leaving for a trip, it is customary to prepare a first aid kit with the medicines necessary to continue the medical treatment you are following or to cope with the traveler's normal illnesses: fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and muscle aches. Getting medicine for your ailments may be child's play at home, but in the country you are visiting, these medicines may only be available by prescription. The same goes for all allergy and asthma medications: bring them from home.

By preparing everything, you can minimize unwanted risks during the holiday.




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