Today’s students need a computer to perform everything starting from managing their daily to-do list to preparing their assignments, projects and thesis. Every college going student has high needs for computer and with number of options available in the market, they often get confused while making the decision. Some college departments have specific requirements including the type of processor, amount of RAM and storage capacity based on the software that students have to use.

Amidst the number of options available in the market Apple’s Mac line is considered as one of the best options. Mac’s are considered to be cheaper in the long run, are much easier to buy, offers simple up gradation of the operating system and offers plenty of benefits to the buyer. In addition, one can run Windows on Mac and therefore investing in Mac helps one experience the best of both the worlds. Since the Mac lineup is sufficiently broad that it might get hard to decide which machine is the most appropriate and is aptly configured for the college students. Here’s are the list of best MacBook for students which tops the list according to the analysis of experts and students:

a. MacBook Air with 13 inches of display

For almost a decade from its first introduction, MacBook air is considered as the best choice by most people. The system has an attractive look with an incredibly thin structure, good build quality, and a comfortable keyboard. Moreover, the fantastic trackpad with an impressive battery life of around 12-14 hours battery life makes it the best purchase. Even though the system has an outdated Intel 4th Generation Core Series processor and a low-resolution, 1440 x 900 screens. However, for consumers who don't need the latest technology but wish to purchase an affordable MacBook with great usability and epic battery life, these laptops are still a strong choice.

b. MacBook Pro with 13 inches of display

MacBook Pro is considered as one of the most versatile devices by the Mac OS. It comes in two configurations, one version with a touchpad and a Touch ID, and the other without. MacBook Pro is available in two different sizes 13 inches and 15 inches both have similar technical specifications including the 7th generation Kaby Lake processors, Retina Display, Flash SSD storage, and Apple’s classic design. The screen actually measures 13.3 diagonally and has a native resolution of 2560×1600 at 227 PPI. MacBook Pro can be the best professional laptop either for using it in the office or at home. The 13-inch model could be the best buy considering the specifications as well as the affordability. In case one needs a larger screen, the separate monitor can be used.

One can also get access to MacBook pro deals for college students in 2018 which is termed as Apple Education discount in order to help get Best MacBook for college students. In a nutshell, investing in a MacBook can be the best deal as it provides the buyer with the best overall performance, price, and portability.

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