How To Make Up After A Fight With Your Husband: Healing Conversation After Fight

Differences between a husband and a wife will always be around. No matter how long the two of you have been together or how deep your love for each other is. It may be fruitful to successfully keep away from quarrels from time to time, but the truth is, fights, big or small, are unavoidable. Especially in a marriage. And since fights are events that you either could ever prevent or stop, it will be brilliant to think of ways on how you can make up for your mistakes and disagreements.

Here are five romantic ideas for making up after a fight:

This could be perfect if the sin committed was forgetting ones anniversary or birthday. Send her flowers with a card. Put in the card a URL of a YouTube link. Make a video. You could sing your song in the video or make yourself recite her favorite sonnet. Then after doing so, say that you are sorry. Tell him/her that your memory may turn rusty and forgetful but if there is anything that you would never forget, it is your love for him/her. If you have a podcast, you can add the time when you will air your stunt in the card.

Cook your better half's favorite meal. Then finish it with a cake saying "I'm sorry." Ones comfort food is always a good way to win someone's forgiveness after a fight. And to have it made by you adds a personal touch to it. It shows sincerity. Exerting effort to your way of apologizing makes you look true to your intention. Remember that apologizing should always be personal. Don't forget the petals for the floor and the candles-lights for a more romantic ambiance. Your song playing in the background is a plus. And his/her favorite wine should be present on the dinner table as well.

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Buying him/her a present is also a good way of saying sorry. Others might say that it is like a total sop or something to that effect. Yet, the feeling of receiving something from the person you love is a really good feeling. It makes us feel wanted and adored. A pretty necklace for your wife or an elegant watch for your husband could be a wonderful present. However a couple's ring, watch or shirt is actually perfect. As you know, a couple's merchandise can be personalized. Your imagination is your limit.

If you can play a musical instrument or sing a song, you have an edge. Music has its way to anyone's heart. Whatever genre of music your partner likes, I am positive that if you play him/her his/her favorite song, a big possibility of getting away from whatever sin you have committed is in your hands. You can do it right after a fight. Grab your guitar for an instance and sing him/her a song. Don't stop until s/he forgives you. If you are clever enough, compose an "I'm sorry." song right there and then.

Hugs, kisses and making love. Being physically passionate is always the best way to show apology and forgiveness. There is magic in your love's touch. Don't you find it weird? No matter how angry you are, the moment s/he kisses you, all your anger subsides? It's something that is quite difficult to explain. But whenever we get physically romantic and passionate with our better half, we seem to forget every single thing around. It is just the two of you that matters. I'm sure you've heard of make-up sex. I have to say that make-up sex, most of the time, works.

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Jess was about to tear her hair out! She had been fighting with her husband now for days and it seemed with no end in sight! They were fighting over everything and it seemed like it was just fighting just to fight. Fighting over the kids, over the money, over the bills, over time, over not helping with this or that, doing the yard work, everything!

And worse maybe heading for the big D word, divorce.

And maybe that would be better anyway. At least she would have some peace! And she wouldn't have to worry about always him questioning her and if she could spend money on this or that, or how she should discipline the kids, or every other thing he didn't seem to like!

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Here is the key, as soon as you see the person that you are fighting with, be welcoming. Always, always, greet that person warmly, with a smile, and say I'm glad you're home! Or I'm glad to see you. And leave it at that.

Don't lead into a fight. Just leave it that way for a while. Let the person unwind, relax a little. Then maybe offer some dinner, or a glass of juice. Now don't do any talking! Just let that person do the talking if they feel like it.

You just listen. Then say, I agree with this or that. I'm sorry for how I've acted. I agree we need to work on things.

Now if that person is ready to listen to you at that time go ahead and tell that person what is bothering you, gently, gently, gently! If you don't feel the time is right, then just leave it right there.

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The next time you see the person you are fighting with, smile and just say "hi" in a sweet and loving voice.

Don't say anything else! Let that person respond, before you continue.

Now, every time you see the person, be welcoming. Over time, this will be one of the most important aspects of the rebuilding process. I cannot stress this enough! The person must feel secure before you can really work out your problems. That person needs to feel safety, and to feel that you still love that person, that you will be there, that you are willing to work on things before real progress can be made.

So always, always, be welcoming! Set the example. You will see that your example will make a huge impact on your loved one's response.

Now this method will also work for children, other people you love and friends. it will also work for you in the work place if you are having stress there. If you are a guy reading this article, of course this tool will work for women too.

After the person feels secure with you, that is the time, very gently to broach the problem or problems that you have. My suggestion is to only work on one problem at a time. Also this might also be the time to make a suggestion to your loved one. You could say, "You know it would make me feel so happy if you said to me "I'm glad you are home!" when I walk in the door. But say it gently, not sarcastically, but with love. Sometimes, our loved ones need a little guidance as to how to behave or on what to say. So be kind!

Now here I have to say, if you have a problem with someone controlling you or being aggressive or not giving you respect, please stay tuned as I will be writing additional help on these subjects as well.

To recap, in dealing with your loved ones or someone whom you are trying to rebuild a relationship with always start with this first rule of thumb, always be welcoming. Next, set the example. Act kindly. And do try to explain how you feel at the proper time. Always end with I love you.

Now that you have one of the most important keys to rebuilding relationships may you have many sunny and happy days ahead.

Kindest regards,
Susan Farmer

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Scientists and psychologists have been studying this for a while now. They have come up with two main answers, indicated below.

1 - The Genetic Reason. There seems to be a gene that when present, creates (in simplistic terms) a bonding hormone. People who have this gene in their DNA are more likely to stay faithful and have fewer relationship problems. Those - on the other hand - who carried a variation in this gene were more likely to be in non-exclusive, non-committing relationships and, when married, they seem to have serious marital problems. These people (who carried a variation in this gene) were more likely to experience marital crises and, in the case of men, to have unhappy wives. Thus, science seems to suggest that some people are naturally equipped to stay faithful whilst are not.

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2. The Psychological Reason. Some studies have indicated that some people seem to exercise a psychological trigger which, when exposed to temptation, helps them to react in a defensive manner towards 'the threat'. So, in basic terms, when someone approaches them with a tempting proposal, those people automatically tell themselves that the tempting person is not as good-looking or interesting as they may have initially thought. At the same time, their commitment to their partner or spouse allows them to recognize 'temptation' as a threat so they don't expose themselves too much to it. On the other hand, those who are not equipped with such 'psychological triggers', when exposed to temptation, automatically become less understanding or tolerant of their partner's less-than-perfect behaviour, creating a vicious circle of allowing temptation in and, at the same time, focusing on the less great parts of their marriage.

It is possible, however, to be trained to respond better to temptation and to focus more on commitment. It requires understanding of oneself and of course willingness to change due to the recognition that it is a healthier choice. There are also other ways to increase commitment and relationship satisfaction, on which the couple needs to work together. But, again, there needs to be a serious willingness to change.

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