From Kindergarteners handing out cards and candy to classmates to elderly loved ones and everyone in between, Valentine’s Day is a holiday for people of all ages to enjoy. However, for senior citizens, it can serve as a sad reminder about a love who has passed away. The build-up alone can cause anyone anxiety, especially seeing all of the sappy cards, overly affectionate couples and endless amounts of romance.

With old age, Valentine’s Day becomes more about emotions and remembering loved ones; older adults feel lonely and isolated. Senior couples that have spent their lives together have the most reason to celebrate this day as a commemoration of their ongoing commitment, lasting care, and constant support – in good times and bad times alike.

Therefore, in order to help senior caregivers uphold their promise to provide quality elderly care to their senior loved ones, we have curated a list of activities one can do along with them to comfort them and make them feel happy and loved, because Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily limit itself to a romantic partner, right? It also means spreading love and happiness all around, which includes your family too!

1. Make Valentine’s Day Cookies and Treats

Cooking is sometimes therapeutic and baking cookies, cakes and other yummy V-Day treats will definitely add some cheer and bring up plenty of happy memories. It’ll be best if you (or another member of your family) and your elderly relative make Valentine’s treats together. You can make heart-shaped pancakes, cookies and toasts, fruits tarts and pies, chocolate cakes, waffles and brownies or strawberry smoothies, cranberry juice cocktails and other festive non-alcoholic beverages.

In case your senior loved one isn’t fond of cooking or if it’s difficult for them, you can treat them to a nice dinner, featuring their favourite foods. Whether you go to a nice restaurant or make something for them at home – what ultimately matters is spending quality time together and enjoying a meal that will make them happy.

2. Have a Movie Night!

Sit with your senior loved ones at night and have a movie marathon, featuring their favourite movies – they could be the ones they used to watch with their spouse or ones that are special for both of them. You can also make some movie night dinners to go with your plan. Put your feet up and help make it a memorable night for your loved ones.

3. Have a Day Out

Taking your senior loved one out on Valentine’s Day is sure to bring them enjoyment and excitement. You can visit a local attraction like a museum or a stately home or just go for a walk in the park. Even better – you can ask your family member if there is anywhere in particular that they’d like to go. Getting out of the home and spending time with loved ones will help your senior focus less on what they’ve lost and more on what they have now, reminding them that life is good and they are still loved and valued.

4. Plan an Activity Day for Them with Friends

Invite friends of your senior loved ones over or take them to their friends’ place and plan activities that they would have fun indulging in. For instance, jigsaw puzzles, board and card games, Bingo, etc.

BONUS TIP: If your loved one had a particular Valentine’s Day tradition with their spouse, such as visiting a special place or going to a specific restaurant, ask them if they would like to continue the tradition with you or other family members.

While they do miss their significant others, for seniors who have lived long and full lives, love is not confined to just a romantic partner. It expands boundlessly to extended families, many friends, and even the acquaintances they interact with every day who make their lives happier. Even pictures and warm memories of loved ones who have passed can bring seniors a sense of joy and contentment.

That being said, it is our duty – as elderly caregivers – to ensure the happiness and well-being of our senior citizens at home and those around us as well.

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