Do you know that technical websites are some of the most difficult to market? This is especially so when you’re trying to reach a non-technical audience. Communication is an essential aspect of digital marketing, but when you and your target customers don’t speak the same language, it can be difficult to communicate effectively. This can lead to confusion, low conversions and poor sales.

If you run a biotechnological website, you’ll likely have many technical terms spread across your site. While this may not be a problem to someone in the biological field, it will certainly lead to poor engagement for the layman.

So, how can you make your biotechnological website more engaging? The following tips might just help.

Know your target audience

Your biotechnological website isn’t meant for everyone. Of course, there are visitors who will unknowingly stumble upon your website, but these people are not your target customers. Your customers are actually those who intentionally come to your website because you provide the product or service they need to solve one problem or another.

In order to create a biotechnological website that’s engaging, you need to first discover who your customers are, why they come to your website and what makes your site offerings different from others within the industry. This knowledge will help you create content with which they can connect on every level. However, while it’s true that no one can know your business better than you, you might want to consider working with a content writer to properly engage your customers.

Create personalised experiences

Content marketing revolves around the audience; therefore, to improve the engagement level of your WordPress website, you’ll need to improve alignment with the audience.

One of the quickest ways to boost website engagement is to create personalised experiences for your visitors. However, before you can create personalised experiences, you’ll have to segment your visitors into different categories. For example, returning visitors should be placed in one segment, returning customers in another, ordinary guests in a separate segment, and so on. Also, people who come from a particular geographical location should be able to enjoy content which is specific for that location. For example, you can engage customers from Brazil by giving them access to trials and demo that’s unavailable to other customers.

Once you’ve identified the different segments that make up your customer base, you can start creating personalised content for their unique experience. There are plenty of technical copywriting services that can create personalised content for your visitor groups, based on the message you want to convey, albeit in a language, tone, style and grammar that compels rather than confuses.

Don’t go overboard

Even though people intentionally come to your biotechnological website, this doesn’t mean you should pressurise them into buying. The more you bombard them with sales spiel, the more they shy away from you and your brand. Even though biotechnology is a specialised industry, there are still many website that offer the same things you do, but with a less overbearing approach. When it comes to connecting with your customers - especially in a field that deals with very smart people – it’s wise to use the ‘less is more’ approach.

The same tip applies to your SEO. Therefore, avoid stuffing your content with keywords to cheat search engines into sending you more traffic. Keyword stuffing is an unaccepted form of SEO and can lead to Google enforced penalties. Your content should contain the material your visitors want to read, that they will find useful and which helps them solve the problems for which they need solutions.

Due to the nature of your industry and the type of people your website will attract, it could be a good idea to invest in a web content writer. This way, your SEO and promotions will be undertaken professionally.

Get personal

If you run a biotechnological website, your technical expertise will always want to be apparent. The assumption that scientists and researchers are aloof people is not too far from the truth. It’s probable that you’ll have your head completely immersed in the technical aspects of your business, which might lead to you forgetting about the personal side of things.

Creating an engaging website is all about connecting with people, speaking their language and providing unique user experience. Anyone involved in content marketing will tell you that blogging is a powerful tool for boosting visibility, credibility and engagement. This gives your brand a personal face and brings you closer to your customers. That said, blogging can only be effective if it is properly executed. Blogging is not another opportunity to sprout technical terms or laud your company’s biotechnical achievements.

This is where you can create natural conversations, devoid of any technical jargon in your product description and white papers.  If you feel visitors struggle to make sense of your blog posts, get an article rewriter to adopt a tone and style which your readers will understand. This way, your blogging efforts can translate into a huge public relations success.

Use plugins

The beauty of WordPress is that it is accompanied by some impressive out of the box features that allow you to engage seamlessly with your audience. Even then, you can still up your engagement level by installing any of the hundreds of plugins which boost engagement. A recent study showed that including viral elements like surveys and quizzes on your website can increase your level of user engagement. This also includes plugins that allow users to share your content.

You will find thousands of these engagement-generating plugins on the WordPress plugins repository; if that isn’t enough, there are hundreds of websites you can visit to get great plugins (both free and paid) that will help you create interactive content that people can engage with, rather than overloading your website with technical text and product descriptions.


Managing a biotechnology website isn’t easy, but WordPress comes with an impressive array of features that will reduce your workload significantly. Additionally, the suggestions covered above will help you create a very engaging WordPress biotechnology website that your visitors will have no problem connecting with. However, even though these tips are meant for biotechnology websites, they will work just as well in any other industry.

Author's Bio: 

Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.