SMS marketing also referred to as internet SMS is fast-becoming the marketing weapon of choice amongst small business owners since it allows them to level the playing field.

SMS allows them to engage customers, generate quality leads and most importantly build a list of high-quality customers from which they can generate sales on demand by sending out an SMs campaign.

Before you send out your first SMS marketing campaign here are 5 key elements to keep in mind to give it the greatest chance of success:

#1. Plan Your SMS Marketing Budget

Although SMS and email marketing share a lot of the same qualities the main difference between the two is how they’re priced out.

With email marketing you’re charged based on how many subscribers you have, regardless of whether you send out email campaigns or not, you’re being charged every month and this can get very expensive especially if you’re not cleaning your lists regularly. The benefit to this is that you know how much you’re going to spend every month.

With SMS it doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have since you’re charged for each SMs that goes out.

For this reason, you need to know exactly how many people you’re going to send out to for each campaign so you can manage your marketing budget correctly.

#2. Use Relevant Text Messaging

Messaging is critical with SMS. Since we are very selective about who we allow to send us text messages which means we have a fairly low patience towards text messages that are not interesting or are helping us achieve our goals whatever they are.

The trick to making your messaging as relevant as possible is by carefully segmenting your list into similar groupings.

These could be as simple as having two groups, men and women. At the very least you’re sending gender specific promotions.

But you can get as granular as you like so that each promotion feels like you sent it with that person in mind.

The reason why you want to do this is that the more targeted your messaging the more sales you will generate.

#3. Keep Your SMS Message Short And To The Point

With SMS mobile users want to you to get to the point quickly.

Follow this basic message structure:

  1. Lead the message with their first name
  2. Identify yourself
  3. Offer
  4. Opt-out

That’s it.

They should be able to read your offer in a few seconds and make sure that there are no grammar errors.

#4. Don’t Send SMS Offers Too Frequently

People are used to receiving daily email messages (most of them are ignored anyway) but mobile users will get agitated if they hear from you too often.

Once a week seems to be the maximum but this is highly dependent on industry.

While you can’t send out as many promotions as emails you make up for it in sales volume since at least 82% of your subscribers will open and read your text messages.

#5. Use Mobile Friendly Landing Pages

Finally, if you’re asking people to click on a link inside your SMS message make sure that the landing page you’re sending them to is mobile friendly.

This means that the page is optimized for mobile phones.

The last thing you want is sending people to a page where they have to maximize and drag the screen around to read the offer.

This will absolutely decrease conversions.

All these pointers could help you to make your bulk SMS project successful.

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