What makes a child a good learner?

First, the role of individual personality when it comes to readiness to study and disposition to education shouldn't be neglected. However, even a good student had to become a great learner one day.

Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that every person who has basic abilities and gets the proper motivation can turn into a better learner.

Today I'll share with you some actionable tips from my years of experience working as a language teacher. Apply them and make your child a better learner.

1. Identify the learning style of your child

In 1987 Neil Fleming introduced VARK learning styles which implies that everybody has a preference for visual learning, auditory learning, reading, and writing or kinesthetic learning. Neil developed a questionnaire to determine which type of learner somebody is.

How will this make your children better learners? Well, after identifying their learning style, you'll be able to show them how to study in a manner that best suits their preferences. As a result, they'll acquire new knowledge more quickly and efficiently.

For instance, visual learners study better with diagrams, pictures, and other graphical content, while auditory learners prefer lectures, music, and other audio materials.

2. Good organization is half the battle

Children are often overwhelmed with organizing their assignments, books, and papers, to that extent that they get stuck and procrastinate instead of learning. Therefore, children feel unmotivated, and as a consequence, they show poor school performance.

Kate, an expert when it comes to juggling various essays from bigassignments review, advises: "Teach your children to divide large tasks in smaller chunks. That way, they won't be overwhelmed, and after completing one task, they'll be motivated and disciplined to carry on. Also, make sure you help your children manage their studying time efficiently. Good organizational skills are what makes a great learner.”

3. Lead by example

American psychological association claims that children are pretty attentive and that they always watch their parents. Naturally, children watching their parents learn and copy good and bad behaviors. Practically, parents represent their model.

Therefore, try to be an excellent model when it comes to learning. How can you do that?

Be a learner yourself! When your kids see how passionate you are about learning new things and benefits it has on your life; they'll begin to share your habit too.

Also, if your children see you reading, they'll imitate your behavior and start reading as well. When they develop a love for reading, they'll develop a passion for learning.

4. Positive reinforcement

"Children are seen to be learning quickly if they receive proper attention or certain reinforcements. Likewise, the procedure can also be applied for teenagers and adults," according to Psychestudy.

Hence, don't forget to praise your kids whenever they get a good grade, turn papers in on time or manage to do all their assignments successfully. That way, children will be motivated to learn and tend to do their best. Celebrate even small accomplishments with an ice-cream or going to the movies.

However, positive reinforcement gives the best results when it is continuously used, so try to make it a habit.

5. Prepare your child for learning

Sometimes, most basic requirements for learning get neglected or overlooked. A good night's sleep and proper nutrition are the foundation for excellent cognitive activity.

As reported by sleep researchers study, "sleep plays an important role in memory, both before and after learning a new task. Lack of adequate sleep affects mood, motivation, judgment, and our perception of events". Therefore make sure your children don’t go to bed late and have eight hours of sleep a night.

Likewise, healthy nutrition rich in whole fiber, grains, and protein, as well as low in concentrated sugar improves children's brain activity and mental capacity.

Summing up,
I believe that every child has the potential to be a great learner. It's up to parents to develop that potential by showing their kids how to learn with ease and success, by ensuring positive reinforcement for every accomplishment and by making them ready for studying with proper nutrition and good night's sleep.

Therefore, children will grow a love for learning and become great learners.

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