Dental implants surgery can be recommended if you have lost a tooth or some teeth. Daniel Park, DDS, offers dental implants in Beaumont and can help you learn if the treatment option is suitable for you. Like most surgical procedures, you might require some time off work for your recovery, which requires careful attention. But it would help if you were not nervous about seeking the treatment as your provider will give you special instruction about how to make your recovery easier. Several factors can affect your recovery, and that is why you need to consult your doctor in advance. See the following tips for your recovery.

Pay Attention to What You Eat

While your doctor can direct you on what to eat and avoid, you should follow the instructions carefully. Rehydrate with liquids and eat only soft foods for a few days after your surgery. This will take off the strain from the implant site minimizing your discomfort and avoiding further complications. Avoid chewing by investing in foods such as soups, yogurts, or smoothies. Additionally, please avoid exposing the treatment site to extremely cold or hot foods and avoid hard-to-chew foods like hard candy and nuts.

Eat Nutritiously

Your immunity is critical to your recovery, and you should ensure you eat minerals and nutrients that can boost your immunity. Also, the implant site can be a source of infections during your recovery. Therefore, you need to eat foods rich in nutrients and minerals to help your jawbone fuse with the implant effectively. Eat foods such as broccoli, protein shakes, eggs, and other foods rich in calcium and protein.


Resting after your dental implant surgery is critical to your recovery as it allows your body to recover effectively. Take some days off your work and get enough rest before you get back to your routine. It helps you get some strain off of the implant site and promotes fusing. Remember that some activities can cause strenuous movements in your jaw, dislodging blood clots. It can also cause a dry socket, a painful state that exposes the surgery site to infections.

Cold Compress

It would be good to consult your provider about what to expect before your treatment for earlier preparations. Buy some ice packs before you go for your procedure, as you will experience some swelling and discomfort, which you can improve through cold compression. Generally, wrap the ice with a towel and apply it to the swollen place for about 15 minutes, and repeat it at an interval of fifteen minutes.  The cold compress will keep down the swelling and facilitate healing.

Take Your Medications as Prescribed

Your provider will prescribe some medications to help you with your recovery by relieving your pain and discomfort. Take the medicines precisely so they will help keep the ache and inflammation bearable and avoid infections, preventing further complications. Contact your doctor if you experience difficulties with your drugs.

Dental implant surgery recovery can be easier with these tips and more. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Park at Beaumont Cherry Valley Dental to understand how you can benefit from dental implants. Dr. Park will help you know what you can expect and help you get ready for the recovery time before your procedure. 

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