There’s several ways you can get a larger penis. You can grow your penis if you are dedicated to the process. it is something that does take time, so you must be ready for this commitment. Here's a few ways you can get a larger penis.


You can buy penis pills which will improve the blood flow to your penis, so it looks bigger. These pills usually stimulate nitric oxide in the body which you need for better blood flow. Not all of them are that effective, but there are several brands that are quite good which will give you the results you need. The thing to keep in mind is that the add more blood flow to your penis, but they don't physically make the penis bigger. It will appear larger because there's more blood flow into the penis which gives you a solid and quality erection.


A penis pump is a device that can add girth as well as length to your penis. with this sort of device, you insert your penis into the pump and you use vacuum pressure to grow your penis over time. The device will break down the tissues in your penis and allow for cell growth. This will give you a larger penis over time, but it can take quite a lot of time to see results. Many of these devices, are not a very high quality and won't work as intended.


You can gain a larger penis through surgery, but these surgery techniques can be dangerous, and they don't always work. You can have complications with the surgery and even be worse off than you were before. you may even get permanent impotence when you have surgery. Any sort of procedure done on your penis should be at a last resort because this sort of option can be dangerous and not work at all.

Traction Devices

As mentioned on rebornt site, one of the easiest ways to get a larger penis as with a traction device such as the ones produced by SizeGenetics. With this sort of device, you place your penis in the device in a flaccid state and it will grow your penis over time adding length as well as girth. The process does not hurt at all as it breaks down the tissue in the penis slowly and as the cells regrow you get a larger penis. It can work a lot better than a penis pump for example, and it is certainly better than penis pills which don't do much at all for you. They have several different models of traction devices that you can use and it's easy to get replacement parts when you need them from the company. They have solid support and can help you learn how to use the traction device to grow your penis.


If you want to grow your penis in the best way, a good traction device such as the one by SizeGenetics is probably your best option as it's going to make growing your penis easier than all the other methods.

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