How To Make Your Dick Huge: How Do I Get A Bigger Dick

Every alpha male secretly dreams of having a bigger penis. They may not say it out loud but deep inside, they all wish their member is a wee bit thicker and longer. Maybe it's because of the influence of media where sexuality is heavily promoted. Or maybe it's because men are just being men, and a huge penis is integral to one's self-image. Whatever the reason may be, getting a bigger penis is very much achievable.

There are several exercises aimed at solving your size problems. The first one is the kegel exercises. This technique is also termed as the PC flex because it involves directly flexing your PC muscle which is responsible for giving you erections. The good thing about kegel exercise is that it does not only enhance your member's size, it also helps prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer. Also, kegel exercises can improve your stamina and ability to control ejaculation. This is important in making sure your woman is fully satisfied by the encounter.

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A kegel exercise is easy to do and in fact, you can do it when you are in the office sitting in front of your computer. It is a discreet activity and no one will notice you are actually doing it. First off, you should know where the PC muscle is. If you don't, try this technique: stop the urine flow midway and notice the muscles that you are active while doing this. That is the PC muscle.

Now that you have located this muscle, you can begin performing the kegel exercise. Simply squeeze this muscle for a few seconds then release it just as quickly. You can perform this several times throughout the day: in your car, in front of your computer, while sitting on the toilet. Through repeated motions of the PC, you can directly affect the growth of your penis in a positive way.

Another good exercise that can make your tool grow is the aerobic exercise. You may wonder what this has to do with the penis but the answer is simple. The less fat you have hanging around your tummy, the more your penis will stick out. You see, fats can hide the actual length of your penis and you must lose all fats all over your body to expose the shaft. Aerobic exercises include simple activities such as jogging and running. For a more advanced exercise, you can perform weight training with a fitness professional.

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If you are looking for effective penis enlargement exercises that will give you a longer penis in the long run, then you have come to the right place. This article will teach you 4 effective penis enlargement exercises that you can follow to get the results that you want in no time.

The Power Stretch

The power stretch is one of the most effective penis enlargement exercises out there. To start doing this stretch, simply grab the top of your penis and stretch it out in front of you. Hold the stretch for around 5 seconds before firmly gripping your penis and pulling it to the left. Keep pulling until you feel some pressure on it and hold the stretch for another 5 seconds.

Afterwards, do the same thing, but pull your penis to the left instead. Hold it there for another 5 seconds and do the same thing while pulling your penis downwards. Lastly, grab your penis and pull it upwards for another 5 seconds. Keep repeating these steps until you have finished a set as needed.

While doing this particular exercise, make sure that your penis is flaccid, though. Also, while grabbing the tip of your penis, make sure you pull your foreskin back if you aren't circumcised, so that it doesn't interfere with your exercise. For the best results while doing penis enlargement exercises, make sure you stretch your manhood out as much as possible while staying within its comfort zone at the same time.

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The Circular Stretch

In terms of penis enlargement exercises, the circular stretch is a bit different compared to the power stretch. When it comes to the circular stretch, you basically just have to take the top of your penis and stretch it out in front for around 5 seconds and then do the same while pulling it upwards.

After that, simply rotate your manhood either clockwise or counter-clockwise. This rotation should take around 5 seconds to complete. Then, just repeat the steps again until you complete a set of 5 minutes. If you feel the need for a break, simply slap your penis against your thighs and massage it a little bit after each repetition.

The Sit Down Stretch

Before sitting down for this particular stretch, massage your manhood until it is semi-erect. Then, stretch it as far towards your backside as you can before sitting down. You should feel the stretch as you sit. The best thing about this particular exercise is that it won't just help elongate your penis; it will thicken your penis, as well. The only downside is that you can only do this exercise for up to 20 minutes. You might overwork your penis if you do it any longer than that.

The V Stretch

This is the last of the penis enlargement exercises that you will learn in this article. To do the V stretch, simply take your right hand and create an OK sign with it, afterwards placing that sign onto the tip of your penis. Slowly extend your penis to its fullest stretched capacity for 5 seconds and then apply some pressure onto the base of your manhood with the thumb of your other hand. Slowly move that thumb down your penis with the same amount of pressure until you reach the head. It should take about 10 seconds to do this.

After that, move the thumb back towards the base and repeat all of the steps until you complete a set of 5 minutes. The only things to keep in mind while doing this exercise is to ensure that your penis is flaccid and that you don't use any lubrication while doing it whatsoever.

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Out of all of the penis enlargement exercises out there, jelqing is probably the most popular one, simply because it is known to be the most effective one in this department overall. In this article, you will learn the 3 most effective penis enlargement exercises that involves jelqing, all of which can get the job of penis enlargement done with ease.

The Ultimate Jelq

As its name implies, the Ultimate Jelq is one of the most effective penis enlargement exercises out there. To start doing this exercise, simply massage your manhood until you get a semi-erection. After that, make an OK sign with your right hand and tightly grab the base of your manhood. From there, slowly pull the sign up towards the tip of your penis. This should take around 3 seconds to do.

Once you reach the tip of your penis, use your other hand to make an OK sign and do the exact same thing as you did with your right hand. Keep repeating these steps, alternating between hands in a smooth and rhythmic motion, stopping only when you reach the tip of your penis each time. Keep doing this exercise for around 5 minutes to complete a set.

It would be important to note that this exercise should never be done with a complete erection, though; otherwise, you could experience unwanted vascular damage. On that note, only use moderate grips while milking your penis, as well; otherwise, you could rupture or bruise the superficial blood cells of your penis.

Ejaculation should also be avoided at all costs. If you ever feel the need to ejaculate while following these penis enlargement exercises, simply take a break for a few minutes until the feeling subsides. For the utmost results, make sure you grip the entirety of your penis, too. This way, you can ensure that the blood won't escape it in any way.

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The Jelq and Hold

When it comes to penis enlargement exercises that involve jelqing, they are all pretty much the same. The Jelq and Hold is quite similar to the Ultimate Jelq, for example, in that it uses the same milking motion.

To start, use your right hand's OK sign to grip the base of your manhood and then slowly pull the sign up towards the tip as usual. Once you reach the tip, though, you have to hold the position for around 10 seconds. Then, do the same thing with your left hand and repeat all of these steps for 5 minutes to complete a set.

If you see any blood spots on your penis while doing this exercise, don't worry. That is completely normally. In fact, they will vanish after several days - no worries!

The One-Handed Jelq

The last of the penis enlargement exercises in this article would be the One-Handed Jelq, which is also done with a semi-erection. To start this exercise, make an OK sign with your right hand tightly grip the base of your manhood. From there, slowly pull the sign up to the tip as usual. Once you get to the tip, release your hand and use your other hand to make an OK sign to do the exact same thing with your left hand. Repeat these steps for 5 minutes until you complete a set.

Once again, this exercise is merely a variation of the other jelqing exercises mentioned above and should therefore not be done with a complete erection in order to avoid unwanted vascular damage in your penis. For the utmost results, only use moderate grips for this exercise, as well, and make sure you grasp your penis properly, so that blood cannot escape from it during the process.

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Many guys still have the thought that it is difficult, or even impossible to make their male organ grow - especially in their adult age. But there is actual scientific proof to suggest that you penis still holds a lot of potential to increase in size! And you'd be surprised how easy it is to achieve a few additional inches to your penis size within a few weeks from today!

Don't get the wrong idea though. I am not referring to some painful and expensive surgical procedure to enhance the size of your manhood. No... as a matter of fact, stay away from the thought of having a surgery done to your penis. It could end up doing more harm than good to you.

Instead, there are several much safer and less costlier ways in which you can get your penis to naturally enlarge. Take for example doing penis enlargement exercises.

Just by using your hands to perform a set of simple exercise routines to your male organ, you can actually stimulate your penis to start gaining size. And the best bit? Every single inch you potentially gain will remain permanent to your penis!

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But how does it work?

There is a far more detailed technical explanation on how exercising can cause your penis to grow in size. But here's a brief description of what happens when you practice doing the exercises regularly.

The exercise routines, which are generally in the form of stretches and massages, stimulate the blood flow to your male organ. This causes a rush of blood going to your penis and into the main blood channels within it (called the Corpora Cavernosa).

As a result of the sudden rush of blood, the blood channels expand in size in order to accommodate the increased amount of blood they have to store in them. With more blood held in your Corpora Cavernosa, your penis physique will gradually increase over time, and will continue doing so as you practise performing the exercises!

But this does not mean you would have to continue making the exercises a daily routine for the rest of your life. Your penis will remain bigger in size, even after you cease doing the exercise routines.

It may take a bit of an effort on your part to physically perform the exercises. But think about it - just with a little bit of effort and time, you can be sure of seeing your penis become bigger in size!

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