How many of you still believe that Email Marketing is dead?

Well, this is just a myth that email marketing is worthless and delivers no result at the end. Today, you need to be smart in order to get a high ROI from Email marketing.

Fun Fact: Nearly 83% of B2B Marketers still use Email marketing to promote their services and convert their users into customers.

So, you can still imagine that Email marketing services can still offer you positive results if handled and managed wisely. Below are some simple but effective ways that you can include in your Email marketing strategy to get a good ROI at the end.

Target Every Person: When you are planning to create an Email template, you should ensure it is specially built for every person that has the same behaviour and nature. There are various Email Marketing tools which can be used to filter the email templates based on user behaviour. Targeting each and every person individually will help you better connect with them and let you receive a high response from them.

Avoid Copying Body: Nowadays, you will find numerous body samples that can be used to build an email template for email marketing. But do you think that it will convert you an adequate amount of customers? Well, it’s obvious that copied body content will never be fruitful for your email marketing campaign. So, you should work on your own, unique and enticing body that a reader will read.

Make it Light Weight: In order to make your email appealing, most of the marketers opt for adding numerous CTA (Call to Action) to their templates that increase the size of your Email, resulting in least Open Rate. Hence when you focus on delivering lightweight emails to your audience, you should make use of compressed and lightweight images that will increase the Open rate and help you better convert the readers.

Never Skip Small Things: While planning an email marketing campaign, there are some small corners of the campaign that needs to be attended wisely. But generally marketers skip small things and focus on big aspects of the campaign, that doesn’t complete the campaign. And in such case, you never experience the maximum possible ROI that you actually expect from the campaign.

Avoiding Grammatical Mistakes: Taking care of your content is equally important alongside its design. But when you are in a hurry and skip heeding the grammatical issues in your email template that affect your audience adversely. Your audience must be given clean content that can bind it with your audience. A single grammatical mistake in your email can put a negative impact on your users and hence degrade the ROI.

So, these are some of the prominent ideas that you should include in your Email Marketing campaign and experience a good conversion rate. However, this niche is totally unexpected. Hence if you don’t experience any profit, it’s better to analyze the entire strategy and attend the pitfalls that can help you get better results.

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