No matter what the weather is- when the garage calls for necessary maintenance of your vehicle, you have to be there. What about spending a summer afternoon in your garage? It may sound tempting, but it hurts when the heat is unbearable- especially when you don’t have any temperature controlling facility for your garage. Even if you can arrange a fan, the heatwave will make unbearable. So, what’s the solution then? Well, an air conditioner can save you from the suffering by making you garage a suitable place work for long hours even in sweating summer.

What Can Air Conditioner Do Apart from Offering Comfort: An air conditioner works more than making you comfortable. For example, if there is an old car as well as the material like paint- these items can be damaged by the excess heat over time. Moreover, if you want to use your garage space as a game room or gym, then a roasting hot area won’t make your garage inviting. Since keeping your garage cool is not possible only by popping a window, an air conditioner can be the saviour. Here are a few things to ensure when you aircon installation in the garage.

Never Use the Central AC of Your Home: When it comes to cooling the garage, it’s a complete no-no from experts to use home’s central unit to cool it. Since there is a stock of chemicals, paint, gasoline, solvents and pesticides- such materials can get siphoned into the ductwork and spread into the house.

Ensure Proper Insulation: Garages are not insulated primarily. Without insulation, it’s quite impossible to keep your garage cool for long- no matter how powerful your air conditioner is. Insulation to the walls, doors and ceiling is mandatory to cut down the total volume of air for cooling.

Mini-Split Air Conditioner for Your Garage: Such AC units are a lot like main AC on your house. The heat exchanger unit is positioned outside of the garage, and the cold fluid carrier lines will run through the wall to chill the air within the small output unit.

Must-Have a Finished Ceiling: A few garages have the finished ceilings, so the space in the rafters will include the air volume too without proper ceiling finish. It can add as much as 50% of air volume to the total air volume compared to a room in your house of similar size.

Use an Air Purifier and Ventilation System Inside the Garage: Since the garage is the home of airborne chemicals that come with car exhaust, installation of ventilators, as well as an air purifier, it can prevent the extra load on your air conditioner. Since air conditioners have mechanical filters, but those are not sufficient to keep pollutants at bay.

The bottom line is- be it air purifier or ventilation system, or the AC unit, it is possible to keep the air cool and clean for any of the units alone. So, if your garage is used as a regular workspace and has converted into the more usable space- choosing the right type of air conditioner combined with good air purification system and proper insulation can keep the air cool and clean.

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The author is an aircon installation and repairing service provider, and passionately writes blogs and articles to make users aware of the efficient use of air conditioners.