“Home Sweet Home” is a term synonymous with the warm and cosy feeling that you have after coming home. It is the one place where you can be yourself, so your home must have a special place in your heart. Then keeping this special place beautiful must also be of importance.

Both the interior and the exterior also need to look good, but with time and action of certain damaging factors, it might lose its beauty. Exterior plastering in Auckland and many other cities can be a useful tool to keep your homes looking beautiful.

Whether you are thinking about renovations or fixing up the walls and ceilings, various companies around the world is ready to help with a host of plastering options.


Home owners find pride, when neighbours, friends and family find your house alluring and fascinating. Do you feel the same way when someone pays such a compliment to your house?
If the answer is yes, then keeping your home beautiful must be essential. Here we discuss some of the various methods of plastering your home, using which you can keep your house looking lovely.

1. Sand Faced Finish:

This is a great option for both older homes and new homes. It can modernize the look of the old homes or be the finishing layer for new homes. This kind of exterior plaster is available in different variations like one coat and two coats. It can be used for both weathered surfaces as well as brick surfaces.
Once you have completed plastering the walls with sand finish, choose a colour that you like and have the home painted. Give your home the unique look that will leave everybody amazed.

2. Limestone Render:

It is supposed to be the more cost-effective alternative to cladding. This kind of plastering helps to refresh and restore the look of older houses.
The best part about this kind of plastering is that many companies refrain from using stencils. This is advantageous as the plastering can be customized to different walls of all shapes and sizes.
If you are planning for a renovation, this can be a great option, which adds an old world charm to your home, making it distinctive.

3. Textured Finish & Top Coat:

This kind of wall finish involves the use of modern acrylic technologies. The advantage of this kind of plastering option is that they are more resilient than the others and give a smooth finish that is not prone to cracking up.
Textured finish is known to be hardier that can bear the brunt of harsh weather, making it more durable and a better option for walls. Top coating the walls make sure that they are resistant to atmospheric staining, mould attack and carbon dioxide ingress.
All of these factors give your home an alluring look that is protected for a longer period of time.


1. These help in providing your home the look and finish that you desire.

2. Any kind of damage, like cracks are easily repaired and your home looks as good as new.

3. Treating the walls with plastering options ensure that they become resistant to moisture.

4. These are cost-effective methods to remove cracks and other damage.

5. Gives your walls a flawless look.

Plastering options give your home a great look but also have numerous advantages as mentioned above. Plastering walls and ceiling, will not only add beauty to the look of the home, but also improve its aesthetic value.
So, whether you are looking for maintenance options or renovating options, these plastering options can lead the way to your dream home.

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