How To Make Your Husband Love You More: How To Show Love To Your Husband

It is a truly amazing feeling to love and be loved. But when one loves more than is loved a feeling of disheartening certainly creeps in. Yet, if you find yourself in a situation where you perceive your husband, boyfriend or lover to love you less than the quantum of similar feelings and emotions you have for him, do not take it to be the end of the road for your relationship. Rather, stop and reflect on things the way they are and the possible mistakes that you might be making in the relationship. Soon, you will surely be able to figure out ways in which you could actually make him love you.

One aspect to keep in mind is that men love the chase and the courtship period during the initial stages of a relationship. But once they actually get the woman they have been after, they tend to get aloof as though they got the prey they were after and are now seeking the next catch. Therefore, if you find your man in such a state of aloofness, you simply need to remind him about the time when you were not yet his and he was still wooing you. He will surely mend his ways...a relatively easy way to make him love you.

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Linked with the above is also not being available to him at all times - just like the time he was chasing weren't always free and available whenever he wanted to see you, so why now? Take this opportunity of time away from him to do things you always wanted to do - maybe some Yoga or Dance classes or hitting the gym. This way he too will start longing for you and when the two of you meet, his love for you would be enriched.

In order to make him love you, you could also try playing some psychological games such as doing just the opposite of what he expects or assumes you to be doing. For instance, all men assume that their woman would be expecting absolute commitment from them and would feel insecure if their men do not follow through on their expectations. In order to actually make him love you more eventually, give your man the feeling that you will, in fact, be fine and manage even without him. Also, do not press him constantly for commitment. Sooner or later, you will find your man giving you extra attention and wooing you with all his might. He wants to prove to you and to himself that your existence does indeed depend on him being by your side.

Of course, do not overdo the above like flirting with other men to make him jealous, as that will actually turn him off. Simply play your cards right in a balanced manner and you will indeed find it easy by knowing how to make him love you.

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Attempts to save a marriage often fail because the efforts were initiated too late. If a fire has to be extinguished, it should be soon after the spark of fire becomes visible to the naked eye.

You can't step in to save your property or people if you begin your attempts only after the fire has engulfed a large part of the area you are trying to save. Firemen and other experts can step in but can only salvage very little. No marriage counselor or well wisher can save your marriage if you approach them after the marriage has broken down sufficiently. At the best, they can only make your divorce peaceful and less painful.

But people invariably ignore the signs of a marriage break up. You will be surprised to know that simple things like an ego problem or differences in tastes can break your marriage.

Many people erroneously believe that only serious developments like a spouse having an affair can threaten the marriage and carry on with a false sense of security ignoring all signals that unmistakably point to a possible marriage break up.

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What are these signs? I will just mention a few commonly occurring signs:

1) You often quarrel with your spouse on petty issues. It is not the seriousness of the issue on which you quarrel but the frequency of quarrels that indicates whether this is a serious sign. An occasional fight on a serious issue may not do so much harm to your marriage as recurring fights on trivial issues.

2) You love your spouse but seldom show it to them. You want your spouse to show their love to you but they seldom do either. Unexpressed love is as good as unrequited love and is a powerful force that will unsettle your marriage in no time.

3) You often find yourself sleeping in separate bedrooms or on separate couches in the same bedroom. Sleeping together is something that will sustain the intimacy of marriage. Sleeping in separate beds is an ominous sign. It is not necessary for you to have sexual relationship but sleeping in the same bed is a great way to preserve your closeness. Do not underestimate the damage not sleeping together can cause to your marriage.

4) Stopping to perform simple gesture like saying 'good morning,' 'thanks' etc. and moving about in the same house like two machines. This kind of behavior is a clear pointer to the fact that there is no love lost between the two. And a marriage devoid of love can remain strong.

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If you are married and are experiencing problems in your relationship, it´s important you try all different methods if you want to know how to fix a broken marriage. A separation does not have to be the only answer to your problems.

Learning how to stop your divorce takes work from both parties involved, and if you and your partner are serious about saving your marriage, there is help available.

There is countless marriage counselors available that can help the two of you talk through your problems. Having a third party hear both sides of the story is a great way to learn how to fix a broken marriage and get back to the loving state it used to be.

The marriage counselor is specially trained to take a non-biased approach and will let each of you explain your side of the story. The counselor will then give his advice on what the two of you can do in order to save your marriage and figure out how to stop your divorce.

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Many marriages fail because there is a lack of communication between the couple. One or both will refuse to "open up" and discuss their inner feelings. In order to keep a marriage alive, it is essential that you feel that you can talk to your partner about every aspect of your marriage.

If your partner refuses to discuss feelings with you, encourage him or her to talk and give assurance that you will not criticize them for sharing their feelings with you.

Marriage takes work from both parties involved. It takes two to learn how to fix a broken marriage and to keep the marriage alive. Getting married can and should be a wonderful thing. When problems arise within the relationship, it is vital that the channels of communication remain open.

Talking to one another honestly is really the only way to ensure you understand each other. If you just know the proper ways of communicating you will know how to stop your divorce and rekindle the love that one blossomed.

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Much has been said lately about the changing roles in relationships and marriage in the media. Following years of struggling for identities many people find themselves searching for help for their troubled marriage.

When a relationship begins people tend to be more forgiving and tend to take a path of least resistance when it comes to individual roles. If a couple is fortunate they will lean in to each others strengths and find a balance that will work positively as they move through life together. That is more a story book outcome than it is reality in most relationships.

In the traditional family of the past the wife typically was responsible for household duties, taking care of buying groceries, cleaning the home, cooking and tending to the needs of the children. Some families still function this way.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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For a period of time there was a move towards both people working and even continuing to work once children came along. Pressures become more intense in a relationship where both individuals are short on time and energy and needing support both mentally and physically from their partner. Traditional roles changed in marriage and as a result troubled marriages continue to suffer.

In recent years there has been a new family unit created in a suffering economy. Businesses closing their doors and company layoffs have created a new dilemma in marriages. Where once there was a primary bread winner or possibly two, now there is a single person with the responsibility of keeping the family afloat through the crisis. In some families it has become the role of the wife to go back to work while the husband takes on the duties of running the family.

With these changing roles how will the successful couple survive, thrive and overcome a troubled marriage? They will need solid communication between them and a commitment to their union. Without both of these solidly in place a troubled marriage is most apt to continue a downward spiral until its demise.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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