How To Make Your Husband Realize His Mistake: How Do I Make My Husband Realize What He's Missing

Marriage is not an easy institution to like in. People make mistakes no matter how "perfect" their relationship seems to the outside - or even to themselves. If your husband is gone, regardless of whether he left on his own, or if it was your idea to begin with, and if you are finding yourself wanting him back, there are ways to go about getting him to comeback.

Start With Yourself
You can't expect someone to comeback to you if nothing has changed form the time they left. Start with yourself and work outwards. Heal yourself that you're not a mess, and you'll have more to offer others, and feel much more comfortable and pleasant to be around.

Initiate Positive Thinking
There is more power in our thinking than most people really give credit to. Initiate a lifestyle of positive thinking - it will help you in everything you do, including getting your husband back. Every decision and action you do is based on your thinking (unless you are a completely reactionary person), so make sure you're thinking right, and right things will follow.

Talk to People
Don't try this all by yourself. You will be much better off if you invite others along to assist, support, and give ideas. Plus, sometimes it's nice to get things off your chest, so that you can hear yourself talk - it often precludes some amazing self realizations, and can facilitate a clarity that is otherwise unattainable. So talk to people about it!

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Talk to Him
Don't forget to include him in on your thoughts. While you don't want to clutter his mind with every babbling idea and (over)emotional experience you're going through, it is important to clearly communicate with him that he can at least know about the page, if not be on the same one there with you.

Be Ready for Compromise and Change
Getting someone back means change and compromise. Something didn't work the first time. And it's highly unlikely that it will work the second time unless something changes that will allow it to develop down a different path. Expect change, and be ready to compromise on issues that perhaps you were steadfast on before.

Better Understand Men in General
The more you understand about men in general, the more you will be able to understand your ex, and therefore be able to communicate with (and let's face it - manipulate) more effectively. Even if you consider yourself an expert, read and learn as much as you can about the male mind and common emotional composition. Use sociological/psychological studies.

Wait, and Keep Your Cool
Whatever you do, don't panic. He won't want to comeback to a basket case, so even if you're freaking out on the inside, keep your cool on the out. Besides, getting upset won't help you feel better, concentrate on your own needs, or figure out ways to sate his, so curbside the frustrations. Be patient, and stay chill.

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Marriage was ordained by God to be enjoyed by both the man and woman. It is the oldest known institution known to man with an average of 1000 couples getting married every weekend in Africa. Like every other institutions, marriage has its own guiding principles which if properly applied will ensure both partners enjoy marital bliss.

This is the act of showing deep love for someone. This is one of the strongest pillars that can strengthen relationships and weather stormy marriages. Compassion is the virtue that holds a union in the midst of crisis and creates genuine warmth when things seems not to be working out perfectly.

Love is the very foundation upon which every relationship is built on. Love is closely related to compassion and it implies an un-conditional show of affection towards ones partner. Genuine love does not consider offense or wrong done. The absence of this pillar can create serious crack in any relationship and the resultant effect can be seen in the high rate of divorce and broken relationships. Love does not discriminate or keep record of any wrong done in the past. It is the embodiment of the law of God.

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Marriage is the only union where one plus one equals to one. The symbolic meaning of that statement implies that both partners that are joined together in holy matrimony are united in body, soul and spirit. This is the main reason why some couples are known to share similar thoughts when taking decisions. There is power in unity especially between two individual having genuine love for one another.

Every relationship has its ups and downs and when such moments arrive, it is important that either partner must be sympathetic to the one who is most affected. Women by nature are emotional and they often experience low moments especially when they are pregnant. It is therefore important that their spouse show enough sympathy towards them and provide the needed succor to heal their emotional wound.

Humility can often be mistaken for weakness, especially among men. It is however far from it, as it can aptly be described as the ability to consider others before oneself in everything. It is also a sign of spiritual maturity. I have seen cases where a partner offended the spouse and all that was needed to douse the tension in the home was a simple apology, but due to pride and arrogance, it was declined and the resultant effect was the break-up of the relationship.

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How would you like to increase the odds in your favor that your marriage will be head and shoulders above the rest? Nowadays men and women, especially young people are skeptical about the possibility of having a great marriage. So many couples seem to be unhappy. Is there hope that a wonderful marriage can exist? You can bet on it and here are the secrets for guaranteeing your success.

(1) Accept and Embrace Your Partner's Differences.

A common dilemma for couples is to try and change their partner. Sure they may have annoying habits or mannerisms but as soon as you start criticizing them or trying to reform their wrongness, your partner will resist you. They'll become defensive and then it becomes a battle of wills. It may take years to determine whose will is the strongest and the marriage may not be able to endure this challenge. From my years of experience, the fastest way to change them is to accept and embrace their differences and they'll give them up much faster.

(2) Staying Connected Is More Important Than Being Right.

Memorize this statement: "You Can't Be Right and Be Married!"

You need to decide, which it is going to be. The sooner you decide to be married, the happier the marriage will be.

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(3) You Get Out Of It What You Put Into It.
If you want the best that marriage can offer, then you need to put your best into it. The amount of energy you give your marriage will determine the degree of passion and the length of the honeymoon.

(4) Regularly Get Away From Your Daily Routine.

This doesn't have to be a vacation. It can equate to an afternoon in the park. If one of you normally does the grocery shopping, then go together. Look for simple ways to mix up the routine so the relationship doesn't become dull. Keep your partner on their toes, but in a positive way.

(5) Convey Your Partner's Importance To Them.

If you get this point right, you will score in a big way. Hardly anyone gets this one right. Make sure that your partner knows with absolute certainty that:

(a) They Are Enough For You. Let your partner know that you only have eyes for them.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Many of us spent a lot of time dreaming about the day that we are going to be married and whenever that day finally arrives, it tends to be one of the happiest of our lives. Even at the beginning of the marriage, things seem to be in a state of bliss and it is difficult to think that anything may ever go wrong with it.

Unfortunately, this bliss is often broken at some point and when difficulties arise, you may be looking for ways to fix problems instead of how to enjoy the marriage that you once did. If you find yourself looking for help to save my marriage, here are some tips that may help you in the long run.

First of all, you need to find out what is at the root of the problem and not simply gloss over the outward signs of the problem itself. Marriage problems rarely ever are a matter of a single event that took place. Even though one event may be a trigger that causes your marriage to go south, the simple fact of the matter is that it was probably brooding in the background for quite some time.

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That is why it is necessary for you to find out what is at the core of the problem and to solve it from there.

You can't imagine how many times people have come to me and asked me, help me to save my marriage. The simple fact of the matter is, you need to be willing to help yourself to a certain extent before I or anybody else is going to be able to help you to overcome your problems.

You are going to need to work together in order to be able to solve it or one of you is going to need to able to step away from it totally and forgive and forget. Of course, this would also mean that the other partner would need to stop doing what is necessary to forgive or else the marriage is never going to stick together for the long run.

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