Very few online stores are available that are working on default plug & play setup of an ecommerce platform. Some mandatory tweaks are available which everybody makes to identify the store as per their requirements and Magento 2 isn’t an exception too. Many times, you are quick with how to fix Magento 2 errors for installation and you go crazy when that happens. Here, as a Magento development agency, we will show you how to solve the fundamental errors which come during the Magento 2 installation, Magento maintenance, and Magento support to the phase where you add various products.

Magento 2 tests your system for requirements as well as other configurations required to make that work. It utilizes the attribute READINESS CHECK that checks the errors associated to all configurations or any kind of incompatible version for your dependencies. These errors won’t allow you to continue with an installation procedure. So, let’s go through some general installation errors in Magento 2 together with the Magento solution:

Check the PHP Settings

This is the most general error occurs at the initial step of the Magento 2 Installation. The error indicates “always_populate_raw_post_data = 0”. It is quite possible that you have some configuration problems in your php.ini file. But don’t worry as it is easy to get fixed. Identify php.ini file in the XAMP or WAMP respectively. Also, you may search the file in root folder or its sub folder having name PHP.

The easiest way is to allow the Operating System to search that for you. When you identify the file, just open that in the favourite editor like Notepad. Get always_populate_raw_post_data as well as remove semicolon from the beginning of the line as well as change its value ON to -1. Primarily, this will be “always_populate_raw_post_data = On” so change that to “always_populate_raw_post_data = -1”. Now, save that file and shut it. Now, get back to the Magento installation wizard and you will see that the error is fixed now.
PHP Extension Error in the Magento 2 Installation
PHP extension intl is one more common error which comes in the Magento 2 installation wizard. For most cases, the PHP extensions are turned off or commented.
For php.ini file as well as finding the line php_intl.dll, you can observe the “extension = php_intl.dll”. Change that to “extension = php_intl.dll”. Removal of semicolon will uncomment the line as well as activate the php_intl.dll extension. Just save this file and return to installation wizard. Your problem will get solved now.

Web Page with a Redirect Loop

This error is perhaps the most frustrating error. When you meet this error, just stay quiet and go to the Magento solution. The easiest way of avoiding this error is using rather than localhost in the Web configuration or you can go to the Magento Database to get the table core_config. Discover web/unsecure/base_url as well as web/secure/base_url within the path column. Then, change all their values from http://localhost/”MagentoFolderName”/ to”MagentoFolderName”/. Now delete the cache through removing all folders and files in a Magento cache folder. Navigate to the Root/var/cache to delete all folders and files. Now, return to your website. Everything will be fine now.

Magento is the biggest open-source ecommerce platform of the world and it is used by over 250,000 merchants. Whereas Magento makes set up of a store easier, you can have complexity with the custom extensions and plugins as well as custom site behaviour. Cultured stores also familiarise more opportunities for the problems having bugs, errors, performances and more. One important production issue would not only cost you the sales but also customer’s trust. Errors may affect the business in amazing ways. To avoid affecting the customers, the Magento developer requires visibility to the problems which affect the user experience for fixing problems as early as possible.

With these solutions, you can see how to fix Magento 2 errors and how a Magento development agency or a Magento developer can contribute in Magento maintenance and Magento support as well as how to allow exception printing or monitor errors of the Magento 2 applications using native exception logs and popular error monitoring solutions.

You can also go through the procedure to set up the Magento 2 solutions. You can also go through other examples which can trigger the exception whenever a user clicks the button. An error message gets recorded with the stack trace therefore you can observe the particular line of code which is the cause of error.


It’s very easy to find errors which might affect the user experience. It will provide you visibility in the site problems which might cause you loss in sales as well as repeat business. It collects data of all the errors including lines of code that user gets affected from and more. Then you may send the alerts as well as use the information to debug the problems quicker. It takes a few minutes for set up, tracing, and debugging the errors of Magento 2.

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