In order to make your own blog popular you must be willing to work since it takes time to write content and build traffic! Although there is nothing complicated about blogging the challenge is found in sticking with it long enough to build a loyal following! This is where many people become bored, frustrated or disillusioned to the point where they decide to quit!

If you're really interested in building a successful blog be it for personal reasons or to earn an income and are willing to work here are 3 things you must focus on!


The foundation of any blogging platform is the information found within! Without interesting and relevant content you've got absolutely nothing to offer your readers! One of your most time consuming yet important responsibilities as a blogger will be to write content you can post to the blog! You are 'inviting' people to visit your site but without continuously updating it people will have little reason to even stop by!


Although getting visitors to your site is essential in the success of any blogger, the ultimate objective is to get people to return! Over time you'll need to patiently build traffic to your platform as you continue to add new updates! Creating new and interesting information relevant to the topic of your blogging platform, as mentioned above, is critical however without traffic you're spinning your wheels! This is why blogging successfully requires for you to be willing to work since writing and marketing calls for an ongoing effort!

Building Loyalty

Possessing the virtue of patience is a definite asset for anyone blogging primarily because results don't come quickly! As you build traffic your focus will need to be on keeping readers satisfied enough that they will return! The more people revisit your blog the greater the chance that they will become loyal readers which is exactly what any blogger strives for! Having a loyal following is a very effective way to build traffic since many people will refer your site to others interested in the topic you blog about! This viral effect will give you the much needed momentum to keep you motivated and moving closer to your ultimate goal which is to make your blog a popular destination!

The only way to make your own blog a popular destination for readers is you must first be willing to work! Blogging is a process that takes time, patience and the motivation to write content even if it appears nobody is reading what you post! Without continuous updates published to your site there is no way to build traffic or develop reader loyalty! The 3 things reviewed above can be considered the core elements you'll need to master and establish to reach a reasonable level of blogging popularity! In the end it's all about maintaining a sustained effort to consistently write content and build traffic, but unless you're willing to work, blogging may not be for you!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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