If you've ever seen professional studios making subliminal messages, you probably think it is very difficult to do. However, making subliminal messages is not as difficult as the professionals make it out to be. Professional studios wouldn't want you to know how easy it is to make these messages. This is because if you do, they lose a lot of profit because a lot of people will choose to do it themselves.

However, saving money is not the only advantage you get from making your own subliminal messages. By making your own tracks, you get to control absolutely everything that goes into them. This makes the process more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Choose the right equipment

The first thing you need to do before you start making your messages is to ensure you have all the necessary equipment. You will need a computer, a microphone, maybe a CD burner (or you can just save to your phone or MP3 player) and a good quality sound card. Chances are you've got everything you need already on your computer. Some people also choose to use software specifically designed for making subliminal messages. However, this is completely optional.

Create the Subliminal Content

Once you have all the necessary equipment, the next thing you need to do is come up with the content. This is a very important step and it will determine how well your message works. Your message ought to be positive and it should be in the present tense. A good example is "I am successful and able". This is more effective than saying "One day I will be successful and able." Using the present tense is important because the subconscious mind normally works in the present. Therefore, by using the present tense, you trick your subconscious to believe you already have what you are trying to get. This makes it possible for your mind to enable you to achieve exactly what you want. If you're not comfortable with that wording, change it slightly so that it's along the lines of "I allow myself to be successful and able" - that's a lot easier for your subconscious to accept without quibbling.

When creating your messages, it is also important to keep them short and simple. The shorter and simpler your affirmations are, the more likely they are to sink into your brain. It is also advisable to leave a few seconds gap between the affirmations. The advantage of this is the fact that it gives your subconscious enough time to grasp different affirmations. This makes the subliminal messages much more effective rather than your brain having to assimilate them at lightning speed (like the obligatory terms and conditions often read out on adverts)

Choose the right music or backing track

After content, music is the second most important factor. You need to choose soothing music that will not easily distract you or drown the message. The music should not be the main focus if you are making an affirmation subliminal track. It should act as the background of your voice. This way, you will be able to hear the words without getting distracted by the music. However, if it is just a simple subliminal track where you do not need the message to be clearly audible, the music should in the foreground. Most people prefer using nature sounds because they are very soothing and they do not make you shift your focus from the words. Some people prefer to use natural sounds such as rainfall or forest noises. It's easy to experiment to find out which you get on with best. Or just record several versions and choose whichever you're in the mood for when you next listen.

Set Up a Loop

For this step, you will need audio editing software. There are numerous audio editing programs to choose from. Choose the one that works best for you - I use a free program called Audacity which is simple enough to use. The audio editing software will be used for making copies of your statements. All you need to do is copy the single statement back to back until you reach your desired track length. Make sure to leave space between each repetition in order to make it easier for your subconscious to grasp the statements. Once this is done, lower the volume of the subliminal track to around -17dB. This is important because the subliminal track ought to be barely audible when compared to the foreground music. However, if it is an affirmation track, you can set the volume a bit higher than this.

Choose a Playback Device

Now that you have your subliminal message ready to go, the next thing you need to do is choose a suitable playback device. The device should have repeat commands in order to enable you to play the track continuously without any interruptions. You can use an iPhone, iPod, iPad or any other device with the repeat command. Listen to the track when going about your daily business. This will allow you to gradually fix whatever you want to fix with the subliminal message. Or just put the track on when you want to relax - I find playing a track with a relaxing soundtrack for about 30 minutes before I go to sleep works nicely.


In conclusion, making a subliminal message is not very difficult. However, you will need to practice in order to perfect your skills. These few tips will help you come up with a high quality subliminal track. At first, it seem weird to listen to your voice but it will get used to it with time and most of the time you'll only consciously hear your voice when you're creating your track. Just concentrate and the subliminal message will help you achieve what you want.

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