One of the important things to get your truck ready for is by cleaning it and making it ready for the spring. To get your truck on the track by deep cleaning the interior and exterior from all snowy winter dirt.

In light of this article, Big Rig Driving School will share with you the best way to get your truck ready for spring. To follow up with the cleaning standard regulation as your state recommends.

And you can know this cleaning regulation from a professional truck driving school course training session. It will ensure the safety of yourself, your truck, and others.

Important Things To Consider Before Start Cleaning:

Before beginning the cleaning process by yourself or by a cleaning service provider, there are a few things to consider. To have the best cleaning results for driving your truck.

You need to use clean water to rinse all kinds of dirt and dust. Before using soap on a dry surface, it will grind the vehicle paint.
Use a scratch polisher before starting the cleaning process.
You need to choose the right soap for cleaning your truck exterior. While most drivers take dishwashing soap as a cleaner. But it can make the vehicle paint weaker and shorten its lifespan.
Don't use a sponge; use a microfiber mite.
Use a microfiber towel for drying your vehicle.
Start cleaning the exterior then the interior.

These are some tips to follow to make your cleaning process easier and more effective. Also, to make sure you do have the right tools for the best results.

Cleaning Steps For Truck Exterior:

It's important to start the right cleaning process of your heavy truck, as the professional truck driving school recommends.

Additionally, it's advised to start cleaning the vehicle at a good time, not at the hottest time of the day. Otherwise, the water vaporizes before the soap is rinsed or warps certain car parts that heat up in the sun.

Below you will get the right steps to clean your vehicle's surface:

Initially: you need to start rinsing your truck with clean water. And make sure it's low-pressure if you are using a water sprinkler, so it doesn’t scratch up your car. Yet you can use the higher pressure washer for cleaning the undercarriage, engine, or wheels.

And rinsing your truck before using soap will ensure no dirt or grime is stuck on the surface to prevent minor scratches on the truck exterior. Also, it will help the soap lather up enough to get the whole truck to look clean.

Next: Use the right soap for cleaning your truck with the microfiber mite. The right soap will keep the vehicle paint-safe from losing oil coats. To make the paint last longer and shine perfectly.

The reason behind using the best soap for your vehicle is that using dish soap, for example, will remove paint sealant. Plus, you need to use a special wheel cleaner for your truck wheels to avoid rusting.

And it's advised not to use sponges; you need to use soft brushes or microfiber mites. To ensure seeing your truck or SUV shines. It is because microfiber mites hold more soap and water than other products.

Then: You are required to rinse the soap with clean water. And you need to start rinsing from the top and take it down. You can rinse the truck in sections to ensure everything is clean.

Lastly: It's important to have a dry and clean microfiber for removing water drop marks. Using this dry mite will make the vehicle have a finished, cleaned look.

And you need to separate parts of your truck to ensure you dry neatly. You could need more than one microfiber towel for the best drying results.

Some drivers consider applying a wax layer on the truck. To give the paint protection and to make it shine. So, it comes to what you prefer. And sometimes, truck driver training schools advise these protection layers for long delivery journeys.

Cleaning Steps For Truck Interior:

Initially: You need to find a good location for your garage. To keep yourself from staying under the sun. And to keep your cleaning product out of sunlight, since some cleaning products could react badly in this condition.

Next: Start by taking out all kinds of trash that you can reach with your hand. You also need to reach out under the seats to make sure nothing is stuck between the seats.

Then: You need to wipe the steering wheel, doors, windows, and all-metal or plastic material under the heavy truck. After that, bring your vacuum machine, and don't forget to use the special handles that can get between the seats and in narrow areas.

Lastly: You need to ensure you did clean everything. And don't forget to put a vehicle refresher small to have a pleasant and relaxing smell.


Truck driving schools make sure that all drivers know the standard cleaning level for driving their trucks. And these cleaning regulations lessons are provided in all license training sessions to ensure your safety and other drivers' safety.

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It's very essential to get your truck clean and ready for the spring to get rid of all winter stocking snowy dirt.