Attractive is a word not normally associated with a website, partially because there is a sense that a website is something technical, things technical aren't thought of as attractive. Also there is a sense that while a website should be pleasing to look at, it almost doesn't really matter what it looks like. If people like it they will stay on it and come back.
If they don't like it they will leave and never come back, however nice it looks. Website design is one of those concepts that people not only do write books and the online equivalent of, but is in many ways quite a personal choice. Aside from the technical issues involved, and certain pretty basic rules concerning layout and type and style of writing, then there is enormous scope for a persons own influence. Making a website attractive is both important and matters , because it will affect the sense that a person has of what your website is about. Your website or blog may be a personal one , or about your company or product.
Either way, you want the visitor to leave with a sense that they had a pleasant experience, whether the site was right for them or not. What makes a website attractive is to an extent a personal choice, but not totally. There a few things you can do that make a real difference.
Using colors that are pleasing to the eye helps. Having a dark website with dark colors that make it difficult to read any text just is crazy, but happens. The other really important thing is make the site readable. Sites are often so cluttered with information ads, banners, menus etc that it is often impossible to really know what they're saying.
If you put people off before they've even had a chance to work out if the site is for them or not, its unsurprising they then leave. Its amazing how often common sense is left out of site design, but it's actually the most important thing there is. Remember to think of your website as if you were the visitor. How would it look to you if this was your first visit. It is sometimes recommended to get friends or people on discussion forums to look at your site and give you feedback. That may be worth doing and you might get some useful ideas. They key is whether or not you feel confident enough to evaluate other peoples ideas and accept or reject them.

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