How To Make Your Wife Feel Beautiful: How To Make Your Wife Feel Good About Herself

Naturally "how to make your wife happy" will have to do with your own emotional input, and a understanding of hers! Women are very delicate beings at the best of times, and like men, they are very different from one to another. The delicacy to their happiness would be like comparing an old stock standard 4 cylinder engine, to the high tech models of today, to keep them running smooth, requires maintenance and a good amount of learning.

Gone are the days of being able to keep your wife locked up at home to do all of the "wife duties" that we are led to believe they should be doing. You may be able to find 1 out of 100 that could be happy from these expectations, but it's a fact that women that are treated as equals with all responsibility based around your life, and marriages are happier than those that have general expectations, to be the no1 "clean up after me" it's your duty. Marriage is about being a team, I am not saying that you are to be the one who does everything, but by not expecting that, and helping out where ever does make for a happier wife...

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Woman who are emotionally involved tend to have a high concern on how there partner feels about everything that they are involved in, where us men tend to hold our emotions. A lot of marriages do fail because we don't learn to communicate effectively, particularly with the negative happenings in our life, wife's who feel like they are a part of you because you can talk with them about what goes on, good and bad, feel like they are have worth and are needed as part of your team...

Making love to your wife is far greater than than just having sex, you can make love all day long with your words and your actions. Everyone of us has little buttons that make us tick, touching a certain place on the body, my wife has a place on her back that I can touch and she cant wait for me to get home. Always be flirtatious in conversation, good eye contact with that smirky smile of yours that she seems to like, subtle gestures towards the way she makes you feel. It is all about building your friendship, being honest and keeping that spark alive.

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There are many things to consider when trying to save your marriage. Especially the spouse who is trying to save it themselves without the cooperation of their loved one. But, just because you may not have the help of your spouse doesn't mean you can't still save your marriage. Whether your spouse wants to help or not is irrelevant. Although I won't deny it would be a big help to have them on board during this process, you can still begin taking these steps to save your marriage.

#1. Decide today that you're going to save this marriage despite what your spouse may be doing. This can be one of the most important steps in saving your marriage. You're already worked up inside quite a bit, and worrying over what your spouse may be doing every second of the day is getting in the way of your focus to save your marriage. You have no control over their daily decisions, and trying to interfere or attempt to control what their doing will only make things worse for you mentally and for your marriage.

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#2. Pull yourself together. I know that the thought of losing your spouse to divorce has you in a bit of an emotional turmoil. You are scattered emotionally and your thoughts are racing all over the place. By this I mean, one minute your fine, with a sense of empowerment, but the next minute you're down and out full of tears and thoughts of regret. In between, you still have to manage your daily activities such as work, keeping up with the kids etc. Your daily activities are overwhelmingly enough as it is I'm sure, and the addition of being scattered emotionally only buries you further to the point of no return. Often times, this can sink us into a minor depression and put us into a position that will cause our marriage to end sooner, with no hope of saving it.

#3. Putting your pride to the side. Lets face it, you have a ton on your plate at the moment. With everything going on, battling your way through your everyday life while trying to come up with a way to best save your marriage, we tend to lose some of our rationality. Accepting the fact that you need real help, especially knowing that you know your relationship inside and out can be a hard pill to swallow. We're sometimes embarrassed by it or ashamed that we can't make our marriage work. What makes it worse is when our friends, family and other associates are aware of our marriage problems. We're so used to trying to keep up with the Jones' so to speak and trying to maintain an image, that seeking real help seems out of the question. But, is your pride worth you marriage? Honestly? Then don't worry about any of that. Recognize that you've never been faced with something so serious, and that if anything, you were the smart one out of the bunch who followed a real plan designed to save a marriage.

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If you want to save your marriage, I congratulate you. As you know, an overwhelming majority (87%) of all marriages fail. This is because people aren't courageous and self-sacrificing like you; and when they face a problem in their marriages they simply choose to say "OK, it is not working," and walk out of it. Marriages are supposed to last until eternity, not until when you decide it's not going well. So, I congratulate you for not giving in and trying to save your marriage.

As with everyone going through difficult times, surely you too are desperate and looking for something that will quickly fix everything and save your marriage - like I did. Unfortunately, this leads us to making mistakes such as trying to talk to our spouses, press them so that they will change their minds. More often than not, such conversations are nothing but you begging to your spouse. This should definitely be avoided - begging is the last thing you want to do in your situation.

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You should consider the fact that people want what they can't have. Begging makes you less desirable, in that aspect. Moreover, it makes you look pathetic, and gives away your credibility.

What you need to do in order to save your marriage, is to stop begging and stop trying to talk your spouse out of the divorce altogether. This will allow both of you very precious time to think things over - in his case, "really" considering things a second time, in your case, "really" looking at the problems in your marriage and finding out ways on how to get rid of them.

This will also allow you to calm down, shed the desperation out; and look at things from a wider perspective, instead of acting out of knee-jerk reactions to quickly fix a desperate situation.

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So many men are just not aware that women like to be treated differently. Not all women like to be considered an equal to the men in their lives. Most women know full well they are different to men, and like to be treated the way a woman should be treated. If you want to make your wife fall in love with you again, then go all out and show her just how special she is to you - she'll love it!

The great thing is it's usually little gestures that make the world of difference, so there is no need to think that you have to spend a fortune to keep your woman happy. For instance, on your way home from work, stop and pick a flower for her. As you walk in the door, tell her that the flower reminded you so much of her beauty that you just had to pick one for her. She'll positively glow from the compliment - it will make your wife fall in love with you again!

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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If it's the weekend, then let her lie in for an hour or two, and surprise her with breakfast in bed. While she's enjoying your lovingly prepared breakfast, run a hot bubble bath for her, rose petals and all. If you really feel the need to spend some money on her, make sure it's on something that she really wants, and not something that she really needs, like a new frying pan for instance - so unromantic!

Or better still, if your job is very demanding, and you find that you and your wife have very little quality time together, take some leave, even if it is only a weekend. Then book a suite at a really romantic getaway somewhere. Announce to her that you have a very important weekend meeting with a terribly important person - her. Then pack your bags, and give her your undivided attention for the next few days. Treat her right, and you'll make your wife fall in love with you again.

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