How To Make Your Wife Feel Special Everyday: How To Make Your Wife Feel Desired

You want to make your wife feel special. That's a true sign of a caring and attentive husband. Too many couples fall into a negative behavior pattern once they've exchanged wedding vows. They take each other for granted and what was once a loving, caring and balanced relationship now becomes a breeding ground for resentment and anger. We all want to feel special and if we feel that way because of the actions of our beloved, it's even that much more enriching. If you want your wife to feel valued and adored by you, there are a few easy ways to make that happen.

Any effort you put into making your wife feel special will pay amazing dividends in terms of your marriage and how close it can be. You can start by simply telling her what she means to you. Women can't hear this enough from the men they adore. If you take a moment each day to tell your wife how fortunate you feel to be married to her, she'll never doubt your love for her. Even after several years of marriage, it's important to vocalize your feelings to your partner. She wants and needs to hear this from you.

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You can also make your wife feel special by pitching in more around the house without complaint. No one really wants to tend to all those household tasks that need to be taken care of. What often happens in a marriage is the woman takes on more of that burden and that includes organizing everything for the children. Make a point of taking on more at home. Do extra small jobs each day and that will help ease up your wife's schedule and give her more time for herself. Marriage is an equal partnership in all ways so it's important to never lose sight of that.

Date your wife again if you want to make her feel cherished. Most of us are living on a balanced budget at the moment so dinners at extravagant restaurants and even movie nights are out. But there's a lot you can do at home to create a date like atmosphere. Order in your wife's favorite take out and rent a movie for the two of you to watch. What you're showing her with this approach is that you want some time just for the two of you to reconnect. She'll definitely feel special when you do this for her.

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During my live practice as a mediator, I focused on bringing marriages back together instead of helping people get a divorce. Approximately 50% of the calls I received were from men. Interestingly, men seemed to be more desperate, and at the same time resigned to the reality that their marriage may end. There were two major groups of men who called. One group of men had cheated on their wives and their wives had found out. The other group of men discovered their wives were having an affair. There was also a smaller group of men who had just realized their marriage was falling apart because their wife told them they were going to get a lawyer and file for a divorce.

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The situations where a wife was having an affair were very difficult. I only saw couples who both wanted the relationship back. Because a woman comes from the heart when she has an affair, it is often too late for her to give her man a second chance. When small children are involved I sometimes reached the extra mile, sometimes successfully.

Men who think we can understand the mind of a woman are deluding themselves. I am not trying to be funny, just a practical. But men, you don't need to understand them in order to love them and express your love and appreciation. It might be said the needs of a woman are simple and communicating those responses that a woman needs is also a simple. But men forget how they behaved when they courted. They forget to treasure the greatest gift in their lives. They forget to express love and appreciation continually. They forget to remember how sweet their life is when they treat their woman the only way that works. Always remember to tell your wife, "I love you."

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Women. Its been said 'can't live with them and can't live without them". I believe that statement to be very true. Women are indispensable.

What makes a woman unique? Is it the fact that she is different from a man? Maybe. It could be that she uses one side of her brain predominately while men use the other side so that creates a vast difference in how we see the world. And yet both views are necessary in order to have a balanced view on life.

I would like to share a few things about women given from being married almost 30 years and knowing what it feels like to be in love with a woman for a long time;

1) Women want your attention - it's hard for a women to compete with the TV, computer games and friends. She may love to talk but typically not to herself. She would rather speak to the man in her life who turns her head and holds her heart. When she is speaking, stop everything else and give her your undivided attention. If now is not a good time to have a deep conversation (say, in the middle of the Super Bowl) then ask her to hold the conversation till after the game. But then you must have the talk; don't blow her off.

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2) Women want your affection - affection and love go a long way. She needs and wants to see that tender side of you. Women love men with a strong hand but not so that he can hit her with it. She wants your arms around her so that she can feel safe and secure. Women need security in this life.

3) Women want your acceptance - she needs to feel that she is not competing with the movie stars you see on TV and the big screen. She may not have a 36-24-36 figure, maybe she wears glasses and dresses rather plainly. But she is still beautiful. You must be with a woman who you feel is beautiful to you. Tell her. Show her. Love her unconditionally.

4) Women want you - she sure does. Believe it or not, this incredible woman wants you. Not just because of what you have to offer, how you look or how you make her feel. She wants your heart. If a woman has your heart then she knows she has everything of importance to you.

It may be hard to believe but if you love a woman, you will give her what she needs.

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Have you ever wondered what the secret is to making relationships work well? Or what makes it so hard that many people end up struggling with it? Some times it may be not having chosen a compatible partner. More often it is that people are stuck in not knowing how to create a WE.

I see a lot of couples that I refer to as married singles. They are married but they feel very alone. What is missing for them is the emotional connection with each other. For most of them it was there in the early romantic phase of the relationship but they have not been able to sustain it.

Here are some things you can do to rekindle your relationship.

1. Instead of immediately reacting to something your partner said that irritates you hold up a mental STOP sign.

2. This mental STOP sign gives you a chance to choose how you want to respond.

3. Remind yourself that your partner has no control over your feelings.

4. When you stop yourself from being reactive you will feel more in charge of yourself. Additionally, it makes it possible for you to see your partner objectively.

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5. Seeing each other as separate leads to being able to look for solutions instead of being reactive.

6. Show that you can be a love worthy partner.

7. Remember that the emotional connection you seek is also missing for your partner.

8. By developing a strong sense of yourself with strengths and weaknesses you will be more accepting of your partner.

9. By thinking in terms of what is best for our relationship you will be able to shift your response to think on two levels: what do I need to do that will also support our relationship.

10. A healthy relationship is based on I and YOU together creating a WE. All three have to be valued as equally important. When you give of yourself in a loving way you will get love back.

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