Are you pining after a workplace that presents your business as completely professional and successful? The secret may just be in a system of effective office partitions that not only makes your workplace look more professional, but can also aid productivity by providing a supportive working environment for your employees. To create the most professional look for your office, you should use a combination of different office partition styles, such as full height options to create a sense of permanency, and half height screens to emphasise an expanse of space.

Even though you are aiming for a professional look with your dividing screens, you don't have to avoid using bright colours or interesting stylistic touches. In fact, choosing a vibrant look for your office partitions can show your business's creativity and investment in fresh thinking. Use practical and decorative room dividers in your reception area, finished in patterned frosted glass or with attractive wallpaper inserts to give visitors an inspiring first impression of your company.

To fit out your workplace in a way that is both attractive and efficient, use office partitions to create a mix of open plan and closed spaces. A meeting room with low privacy will hardly aid your business development and can make visitors feel uneasy or awkward in the space. To avoid this problem use full height office partitions to section off meeting rooms and board rooms and to create as much sound blocking as necessary. For other spaces you can choose well designed workstations partially separated by partitions, to allow for easy communication and movement through the space. Anyone viewing your workplace should be able to immediately recognise the efficiency and productivity inherent in the space.

To create a professional look for your workplace, you could try using traditional office partitions with a modern twist. Consider using traditional fixtures such as wood and glass panelled French doors leading onto the main workplace floor, but painted in a bright colour or whimsical pattern. Alternatively you could use the same style of room dividers but in unconventional materials, such as bubbled plastic or industrial steel.

You could also consider using office partitions to create specialised 'cells' or zones within your workplace. These are workstations that are given total privacy, within a generally open plan layout. These enclosed spaces are perfect for employees who need to work separately from the distractions of the rest of the work space. Having a work space with these specialised areas for different employees gives visitors the impression that your business is ready to accommodate any task.

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