We all know charity starts at home. Right! Similarly, you cannot genuinely love others or get loved until you love yourself.

Do not forget that God has given this life to take care of yourself first. So it is wrong to ignore it. You need to be concerned about how to make yourself a priority.

Yes, priorities are important in life to hit your aimed target. But many times, we keep ourselves almost at the last of those priorities. But do you know why it happens? Maybe you do not know the meaning of loving yourself first. Love yourself first, meaning, if you start giving yourself importance first, you will also get the same in return.

Many people give to others, but do not get the same in return.

Let us take an example of a housewife? She always keeps herself busy looking after her husband, children, and extended family, if any. She forgets to think about herself like what she wants in life or what her wishes are. This happens as she is not caring for herself while giving priority to her family.

When you love yourself, you will be able to live life to its fullest. You will have a refreshing mind to think about your loved ones better than before. Do not know the ways to prioritize yourself first! Don’t worry. Here is the guidance about how to make yourself a priority:

1. Try to find out time for yourself

You are always working hard for your parents or always busy with your children. What about your own time to chill out? Yes, you must also come out with some idle time and do whatever gives you enough happiness. It may be singing, drawing, cooking, or anything else. So just do it.

2 Speak with yourself

Many people can be observed criticizing themselves for their flaws or in capabilities. Try doing this with you. After all, we all are human, we can make mistakes. But try to learn from them. Try to say to yourself that you can do and will do.

3. Come out of the guilt

Do you feel guilty even if you think about yourself, giving the task of prioritizing others’ wishes? Well, change that mindset. Because every human being has the right to have some private space, spend the time in the way you like to be.


This is the answer to how to put yourself first without feeling guilty.

4. Learn to say ‘no’ when required

Suppose there is any activity that can harm you, but still you say yes, maybe for the sake of the happiness of your loved ones. Try to say no to those activities and make them understand that you too have the right to express your feelings or viewpoint.

5. Move forward and ask for help

Machines often make mistakes and one single So we are human beings, we may not be able to perform all the tasks on our own. So do not hesitate and move forward to seek help. So open up yourself and connect with the beautiful world outside.

6. Do not cry for the situations or things out of control

Well, there may be targets that are not achievable by you or situations out of your control. Do not get depressed or stay there. Try to move on and see what more are there for you in life.

7. Boost yourself by saying yes, you can

You will gain confidence if you practice saying to yourself that you can do it. You can do it but sometimes, you may feel back or low. So always keep faith in yourself so that others can also become confident seeing you.

8. Be the way you are

Yes, you can also feel sad or vulnerable, or angry. Do not try to hide these. Let these come out of you and express them in front of others. Do not try to forcefully laugh for the happiness of others.

9. Get surrounded with positivity

Friends play an important role in life. Try to go for long-term friendships with those who can inspire you or can give you encouragement for your betterment in life.

So these were the vital points that can make yourself a priority at the end of the day.

Were you wondering about how to prioritize your life goals? Well, follow the below-mentioned steps to prioritize your targets in life:

1. There may be more than one goal. So identify those.

2. Make a listing of those goals.

3. Judge the importance and every goal and set them according to their urgency level.

4. Measure the value of each task.

5. Changes may occur. Be flexible to cope up with the changes.

6. And be aware of ignoring activities that can forcefully delay in achieving your life goals.

Do you feel that you lack importance from others? Have your family members always taken you for granted? Do your colleagues make fun of you? Then you must have failed to make yourself a priority.

Here is where the importance of making yourself a priority lies. Learn to give priority to yourself first before expecting importance from others. Respect and the importance of others for you are the benefits of self-love.

Are you aware of the self-love techniques?

Well, try to follow all the 9 above-mentioned techniques along with the below-mentioned two:

Never compare yourself with others. Always try to improve your skills and abilities.

Do not overthink what others will say. Give your 100%, live life on your principles, and move forward.
Have you heard of setting priorities in life? So you may wonder about what is setting priorities.

Well, there may be many goals in life, it can be work goals, family goals, and so on. So need to set a priority list regarding what you want to achieve initially. However, it is variable depending on each human being. But one thing is constant that your priority should be to love yourself the most so that others understand your importance.

So now you are clear about make yourself a priority, meaning.

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