Have you heard the expression that one doesn’t need much to be happy? It might just be true, since I am going to share with you some simple things that can put you in good and inspired mood. Here are things that can make you happy.

1. Artwork. New research into how the brain works carried by Azeke from the University College London revealed that when we look at things we consider beautiful the activity in the pleasure-reward centre of the brain goes up. There is a lot of dopamine, known also as the “feel-good” neurotransmitter, in the area. So, what is my advice? If you decorate your home and work space with things that you perceive as beautiful i.e. small or large pieces of artwork, whenever you look at them, you will feel slightly happier. Even if you don’t really feel the difference, it is a fact that your brain will produce slightly more dopamine.

2. Sweets. Always keep your favourite kind of chocolate or candy somewhere near, for those moments when you feel a little down. It is scientifically proven that chocolate makes you happy. So, assuming, you are not binge-eating it, there is no reason to not reward yourself with a candy once in a while.

3. Music. Good cheerful music could do wonders. Inspiring pieces can enhance your productivity and make you happy. Did you know that classical music, and I am talking Beethoven here, helps flowers grow faster according to a Korean study.

4. Clean spaces. Imagine you enter a room, that has just been cleaned by professional cleaning Bentleigh professionals. It feels good, doesn’t it? Especially if it is your own home. It creates the sense, that you don’t have housework to do and you are free to enjoy yourself in any way you want. Clutter and dirt can repel you and make you feel bad, and that, in fact, is normal. Dust and dirt are unhealthy for us, clutter poses a tripping hazard, and the “feel down” feeling is our body’s natural response to this whole unhealthy situation.

5. Sharing all this with your significant other. A candy bar is always sweeter when you share it with someone you love - significant other, friends or family. We, humans, are social creatures and we feel good when we are around people we love.

Well, I probably didn’t tell you anything you didn’t know. Sorry for the disappointment, but I believe that sometimes we need to be reminded about all the good things around us, as it seems we are not making such a great use of them.

Author's Bio: 

Dana Barker Davies is an young and ambitious owner of a cleaning Elsternwick business. Her interest in psychology, though cannot be stronger now more than ever. In her free time she enjoys reading psychology and criminology journals.