This is topical issue among a lot of people. It can also be controversial between couple. It can boil and brew tension between parent and children. It can lead to strike and unrest within a country. As topical and controversial as this issue is, it can be well handeled and managed individually and as a family if only we can practice the 7 lost secret.

WHY IS IT LOST? It was there before but was neglected. These lost secret are principles and principles are everlasting. Consider them critically and practice them.

1. Master Money But Never Be Mastered By It.
In my latest book ATTAINING FINANCIAL FREEDOM I spoke extensively about the fact that money is not real, it is a tool. Money as a tool is very obedient and never sleep. But on the other hand when money stop been a tool and becomes a master it is very demanding and oppresive.How Could this Happen? This can happen if you allow money or what you do for money dictates how you leave your life.

Remenber as said in the begining of this article that these are principles. Now ask yourself: Am i Having Enough time for my Family, friends, peronal growth, Vacation,Health? If No, it means money is becoming your master.

Most of the time we as human complain that we fail to realize when what we complain about was achieved. Yes one can complain but learn to reduce it. This can be if you can also be in the state of gratitude. Be gratefull for what you already have, doing these will make you to think highly of yourself and avoid running into debt as a result of trying to impress rather than enjoy life.

Before you start complaing about your spouse, parent, job or your life, first consider the present benefit you enjoy and grateful for it.

This is a very simple principle, but as simple as it is, it is the most difficult thing to do untill you can make it your habit. I tell you this because i was once a victim. The only way out is to keep a record of how you spend your money. Yes it is your money, but failure to keep a record can ruin your financies.

Many people today are living on borrowed money, buying evrything they need and want on loan. Infact some banks even encourage people to buy their funiture, shoes and clothings with loan.If you listen to such adverts, you are gradually burrying your financial future. Borrow less and pay more with cash

This can be serious issue, but the best way out is to pay your smaller loans first. after you are done with then procced to paying your bigger loans. Paying back will bring your life back.

The more you give the more happier you become. It is like lending out money to God based on compound intrest. This will also enable you to pay yourself too.


I hope this is help to you. Your comment is higly appreciated

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