PCOS is a common hormonal disorder due to which around 1 on 10 females are experiencing. The hormonal imbalance may result in the excessive release of estrogen and enhanced testosterone. It is one of the common reasons for infertility in females. Ladies with PCOS release a high amount of insulin that leads to producing excessive male hormones. These hormones are already present in the female’s body but in a very small amount. Due to the presence of this imbalance in hormones leads to the development of fluid filled with cysts in or around female’s ovaries. It is seen that females are often diagnosed with PCOS at their childbearing time though it can affect teenagers also. Generally, females with PCOS may not aware of their condition until they consult the doctor. A female with PCOS can notice some signs that can assist them to undergo PCOS treatment. Under this condition, body hormones get imbalance which directly affects the menstrual cycle. At the time of menstrual the eggs don’t undergo and instead of being released it forms small cysts in ovaries. There are various causes of PCOS that give rise t this condition. By detecting the symptoms the problem can be managed.

If we talk about the cause of hormonal balance that happens in PCOS is not easily detected. Hormonal imbalance which results into PCOS may occur due to either single factor or more than one factor. This condition can be hereditary; if a family person has these PCOS problems then there is a high risk of experiencing this issue by that female. Another likely cause of PCOS can be high blood glucose levels. An excessive level of testosterone also known as hyperandrogenism may result in developing this state. Those females who are overweighed are likely to have a higher risk of developing PCOS.

PCOS Symptoms

PCOS can give rise to numerous symptoms in females with the condition. The symptoms can first be encountered during the period of adolescent years or it may rise in later life of a female at the time of the childbearing period. It can cause irregularity in menstrual cycle that leads to either more frequent periods or less frequent periods. In some cases, females may notice heavy bleeding while others may face light. At times, it may cause amenorrhea that result in stopping of female’s periods. Due to menstrual issues, females face problems in conceiving naturally though it ultimately leads to infertility. Apart from this, the most common sign of PCOS is excessive hair on body, face and on the abdomen. Females suffering from PCOS normally experience high or increased weight and may find it difficult to lower down the weight. There are some more symptoms that can be seen like acne on face and body and thinning of hair. These are some common indications that can help you to figure out the aforesaid disorder. Normally, we avoid changes in our body but if you are trying to conceive and getting failure then it might be an indication of PCOS.

PCOS treatment

In some cases, females are able to manage the PCOS and infertility by decreasing weight and changes in lifestyle. At the time, weight loss may regulate hormonal imbalance for which your doctor may suggest your medicines. With the help of medication, your insulin resistance will be lower down and will manage this condition. In addition to this, PCOS affects menstrual periods which ultimately affects ovulation. In order to induce ovulation, the doctor may suggest you clomid. Apart from this, the PCOS diet can also help you to manage the symptoms. In some cases, after medication also females are still not able to conceive due to this condition. However, infertility treatments can help those women to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Effects of PCOS

PCOS is considered to be an inherent issue. Some females are blessed to conceive even after irregular ovulation. However, they may experience miscarriage or gestational diabetes. Therefore, it is advisable to undergo a regular check up to control the condition in an effective manner. There are some good doctors that can help you to give proper treatment and direction to manage the aforesaid condition.

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As the females get older the PCOS condition may become worse. With appropriate treatment, females may get pregnant and overcome infertility.