Stress is a part of everyday life, everybody is affected by stress aren’t you if you say no then “well done” or no not “well done” because stress is good also and we call this eustress or good stress. Stress is good but more stress is bad.

But don’t worry, there are ways to tackle stress, bad stress or distress, some of the tips to manage stress is given below:
1) Connection means to be able to link up with someone or something to be able to attach, the greatest stress reliever is to connect with your creator. Next is connecting with yourself, and finally is to connect with people.
2) Attitude of gratitude is very essential in every walk of life when you have established a habit of being grateful all the time you start feeling positive and you start looking at things you have rather than those you don’t

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Mobeen decided to quit his job in a well settled career at ICI Pakistan Ltd now a part of Akzo Nobel Group in pursuit of his passion for Learning and Self Development. He has over 12 years experience working for this Fortune 500 company with some of the top figures in the Corporate Sector. He has diversified experience in two major Management areas of Supply Chain and Human Resources. Over the years Mobeen has done number of projects including implementation of ISO 9000 and SAP. He has trained number of company employees over the years in Staff Rules, Ethics and Objective Setting. Mobeen since becoming an independent trainer has conducted trainings for P&G, Axact, PIA, Matco Rice, National Institute of Management, PAF KIET, MAJU, NILAT etc. Mobeen is a qualified trainer as he also holds the Train the trainer certificate from Navitus, a highly reputed learning and development organization. He is a member of Pakistan Society of Training and Development (PSTD) and also a Certified NLP and Silva Method practitioner.