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Not tuning in to your energy and emotions could cost you a lot more than you bargained for this holiday season. Following the guidance that your emotions can provide you is the single most important practice for the Deliberate Creator.

Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is Over-rated

Why is positive mental attitude over-rated? Feel the fear and do it anyway? I don’t think so.
Fake it ’til you make it? Not a good plan.

Why am I asserting all these things we’ve all heard over and over again – don’t work?
There’s one simple reason. There’s an all important element missing in the equation. What’s the missing element? It’s your emotions. More specifically, it’s the disregard of your emotions as information.

Emotions As Guidance

We all know that everything is energy. Your emotions are energy, too. How you feel is a sort of bio-feedback mechanism. Your energy, via your emotions, is a reference point telling you how you are focusing your attention. Blindly forcing a positive mental attitude (PMA) on top of negative emotion is a disregard for the information your emotional guidance system is trying to show you.

Feeling fear, anxiety, anger (or any negative emotion) and then going into action anyway is a poor use of your energy. The results you get won’t be as satisfying, if you get results at all. Faking it until you make it might fool some people and last in the short term. But you can’t fool Mother Nature. You can’t fool the Universe with inauthentic (misaligned) action or energy.

What Is Aligned Action?

We all know what mis-aligned energy and actions feel like. Have you ever been there? I have. It’s especially easy to get out of whack during the holidays. Doing things you think you ‘should’ do with a disregard for self-care. Too much running around. Too many parties. Eating and spending too much. These are all actions that pull us farther away from well-being.

Aligned energy and actions are things that feel good when you do them. It feels like you’re going with the flow, rather than bucking the current. It’s like driving and getting green lights all day long.

How Do I Align My Energy?

As you plan all your goings and doings for the day, keep in mind how you want to feel through it all. What do you intend to accomplish and how do you want to feel? By simply calling to mind your intentions before you take action, you send a powerful energy current in advance of your actions.
Try it. You’re going to like it because it really works.

What If I Don’t Want to Do Something I Should?

We all have too many ‘shoulds’ placed on us by ourselves or others. So I reflect back to you: “Is it a SHOULD or a MUST?” In other words, if it’s a MUST (like paying the rent) then it’s an agreed upon arrangement that you entered into and it’s your responsibility to honor your commitment. To remain in integrity, that would be a MUST.

A SHOULD, on the other hand, is an entirely different situation. Ask yourself a different set questions:

“Will it add to my well-being or diminish it?”
“Am I doing it in order to look good or gain approval?”
“Who’s point of view is running my decision to do this thing?”

Can you imagine what our lives would be like if we put our well-being in the first position? Perhaps you think that would be selfish. My own mother would. She sacrificed it all, her emotional balance, her health, her happiness. She was raised believing you have to sublimate your self for the family. From my point of view, that didn’t work out so well.

Well-Being, Vitality, Joy, Fulfillment, Freedom, Generosity, Flexibility, Creativity. Those states of being all equate with being connected with our Source (I call that God). That’s our true identity. When we vibrate our true nature – everybody wins.

Make It A Win-Win

This holiday season make it a Win-Win. Delegate to others when making your (never-ending) To Do List. Allow them to get in on the contribution. Let them know you appreciate it and that they’re an important piece to the holiday mix.

Take time for you. Put your feet up. Take daily 15 minute time-outs with nothing at all to do. Make one less meal. Go to one less party. Like and approve of yourself.

What if you could manage your energy this well all year long? It might become a new habit. We all have endless opportunities to get it right. Any time you notice your energy going south, simply notice the pattern and consciously choose to shift your focus. This approach is so much different than feeling the fear, or slapping a positive affirmation on top of anxiety. Conscious choice is evolution of consciousness.

All our energy; emotions, thoughts and feelings are either by choice of by default. Evolve your state of being by choosing your energy preference. May you enjoy success deliberately choosing your energy. And may you have a holiday filled with well-being, loving connection and joy.

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Nanette Geiger is a Life Coach who uses the Law of Attraction, cutting-edge Brain Science, and principles from Quantum Physics to completely revolutionize your outlook on life.

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