How to Manage Your Newly Cleaned Carpets?

Carpets get dirty— we all know that. They're the most exposed piece of furnishing. Further, carpets gather more dirt as we walk over them with shoes you wore outside, so the dirt gets stuck to the soles of the shoes and transfers to the carpet. It is advised to get it cleaned regularly. Now you may ask 'how to manage your newly cleaned carpets?'. Let us help you out with that.

What Type Of Carpet Do You Have?

Carpets come in different types. They vary in colour, shape, material etc. So to know 'how to manage your newly cleaned carpets?' you first know what kind of carpet you have. Knowing this will help you judge and examine your carpet in a better way. That way your carpet can have a longer life and you wouldn't have to pay a hefty amount for a cleaning service. And also you will be able to use the right correct products to maintain it properly.

Why Maintain Your Cleaned Carpet?

Getting carpets cleaned professionally regularly can be very expensive. It is better to get it cleaned once in a while and maintain it by using some DIY techniques. This will also help in increasing your carpet's life. Here are some reasons why you should maintain carpets.

  • As mentioned, it is costly to get carpets cleaned every month. So why not just get them cleaned once in a blue moon and maintain them? So you don't have to spend a fortune on them!
  • A clean carpet will enhance your mood when you enter the room. It also creates a positive aura in the room whereas shabby-looking carpets dull down the aesthetic of any room.
  • It helps to put a good impression on your guests or clients or relatives. Dirty and stained carpets are a sign of professionalism and carelessness. On the other hand, clean carpets give a classy and elegant look.
  • The last but very important point; is hygiene. Your health is the top priority and a clean and safe household is the way to it.

Some Ways You Can Adapt To Maintain A Clean and New Carpet

There are several ways to maintain a carpet as there are several kinds of carpets. Here we have shortlisted a few that can be used for general/regular carpets.

  1. Products recommended by the manufacturer: Carpets come with a tag that gives an overview of the texture of the material used and what is sensitive. For example, some carpets are sensitive to water cleaning or might not react well to some specific compounds present in the products you use to maintain them.
  2. A deep cleaning by hand: Club soda and vinegar are your best friends in this situation. Mix them with the carpet cleaning you've been using or have been recommended and put them in a spray bottle. Spray the mix over the stain and brush it with a carpet brush. Next blog the area with a paper towel and spray it again with warm water. Keep repeating these steps until the stain is removed.
  3. Investing in a good vacuum cleaner: Clearing your carpet by hand every week can be tiring so investing in a good vacuum cleaner is crucial and beneficial. They make it easier to clean carpets or hardwood floors. They also serve multiple purposes.
  4. Soaking up the spills: Getting spills or stains over your carpets is inevitable. Your kids or pets or even you can accidentally cause a spill. It is advised to soak up the excess liquid as soon as possible. If it's left for too long then it might permanently stain your carpet. Also do not try to scrub it you will just smudge it more and the stain will spread.
  5. Brushing/trimming it regularly: Furry carpets are a nuisance to maintain. More dirt gets stuck to them as compared to Burberry carpet. It is better to invest in a carpet that can be maintained at your convenience. Do not pull any snag but rather cut it out or trim it with a pair of scissors.
  6. Consulting an expert: Sometimes even if these ways can't help you out in a situation then you should consult an expert. Experts have profound knowledge of how to manage your newly cleaned carpets so they might be able to advise or recommend the right products for your carpet. Look for a good company like 711 carpet cleaning Sydney and call them for a carpet cleaning consultation.


We hope this answered your question on 'how to manage your newly cleaned carpets?' There are many techniques for cleaning and maintaining your new carpet but the above-mentioned are the most used by people. But if you're not up for buying a cleaning machine or these ways don't work out for you then you have the option of calling a cleaning service. Also, professional carpet cleaners use the latest technology, cleaning solutions and methods to help you add and maintain fresh-looking carpets.

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