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Everybody gets sad once in a while. Besides, with the way things are going in this world, there are a lot of reasons to be sad about. However, as much as possible, what you should aspire is healthy sadness.

Healthy sadness is not devoid of pain or even grief. It simply means you learn to still live your life while acknowledging the pain.

Here are some of the best ways to learn to manage your sadness or grief more effectively:

1. Embrace the sadness. One of the reasons why it takes you such a long time to end the sadness is you really don’t acknowledge it in the first place. You need to accept that fact that circumstances are making you sad. It’s only when you definitely know you’re sad or grieving can you know the best steps to take to finally move on and get over with it.

2. Share it. Talk it over with friends and family members. In case you don’t know, you will not be the only one who’s going to be sad. Your loved ones, moreover, don’t really want to see you suffering as it’s hurtful at their end.

3. Give yourself an outlet. Provide yourself an opportunity to show your sadness in other ways. Poets actually write the best when they are overpowered with emotions. So do painters. It doesn’t mean you need to be artsy, but you can use these different media to give your sadness a form. You can also consider these as your forms of therapy.

4. Go outdoors. It will take a lot of effort to push yourself to go out, but it’s one of the best steps you can take to start the process of healing and bring yourself out of sadness. By going outdoors, you can meet plenty of people who you can talk to. You can also go back to work, so the workload will somehow take your mind away from the pain.

5. Affirm yourself. Do you know that you are your best adviser? You can make use of different types of subliminal messages or affirmations. Some of these are the following:

I acknowledge this deep sadness.
I won’t let the negative emotions overrule me.
I give myself high value.
I have the ability to rise above the pain.

By repeating these messages over and over, you bring these subliminal messages into your subconscious. As time goes on, these subliminal messages will slowly change your thought patterns, changing negative emotions to positive ones. You will discover you have a lot of strength within you to conquer your sadness and even your fears.

6. Meditate. Along with the sadness is a bunch of fears. Will I be able to really get over this pain? Will I definitely succeed? What’s waiting for me in the future? Meditation helps because it brings you to your present moment. Meditation allows you to direct your attention to your breathing. You are also asked to be aware of your inner self. By just being in the moment, you are giving yourself a chance to not worry about what the future may bring.

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