Could it be that the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Need Our Help?

Popular culture has us all believing we can have whatever we want, and that getting what we want is the pathway to success and social importance.

Beginning with books from the 1930’s like “Think & Grow Rich” and now taking up tremendous shelf space in our bookstores are authors who have formulas for how to “manifest your best life.”

Many of these books and programs revolve around a central theme: That a person is the creator of their life experience and can therefore think, feel and act in accordance with what they want and have it using the Law of Attraction.

But what is the Law of Attraction, (or LoA)?

According to popular cultural and self-help industry belief, LoA is a way to explain how people can attract things in their life like relationships, money and opportunities by managing their energy field through visualization and other various self-help techniques.

In other words, people are taught to use LoA to attract something other than what they already have.

But today, many people are finding that all this self-help work points to dissatisfaction with what they already have, which only leads to more wanting… and more dissatisfaction, not to mention that it doesn’t work so well for many people. These people are questioning the wisdom of modern self-help and are now looking for a different source for the answers.

Perhaps the source is closer than we’ve been led to believe.

In The Evolutionary Guidebook: Follow Your Heart / BE Your Power" the Law of Attraction is described as “a force on consciousness that is continually in play without your active involvement. It effortlessly connects you to experiences, people, ideas, and situations enabling you to evolve and grow into higher expressions of life based on the natural vibration of your attractor state.”

What the Evolutionary Guidebook goes on to suggest is that simply by opening the heart, you attract what is best for your personal growth. And the energy saved by not trying to attract anything else allows you to manifest a life far better than what you could have planned.

In other words, the LoA is already doing its job, and when we try and manipulate it to get what we want, we are paradoxically holding ourselves back from our best life.

The Evolutionary Guideline formula for manifesting goes a like this: Expression > Peace > Thrust > Creation.

Expression is letting go of the emotional energy clouding our heart. When we let go, we find ourselves in a new place of peace, from which we naturally gain the energy of thrust, which leads to new creation. All without effort.

Letting go and following the heart is usually perceived as being too dreamy and not having enough substance, but once the heart and mind begin to work together, new states of awareness are created to see beyond the false promise of self-help into a far more rewarding and satisfying lifestyle.

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