How to Manifest Whatever You Desire!
By Qesankh Maa Kheperu

I know it may seem crazy that you have the power to manifest anything you want. But to be honest, it is a fundamental principle of the universe. Creation is abundance, meaning it’s complete. You cannot add to it and you cannot subtract from it. Therefore, it is all that is and ever will be. You as the co-creator of all that is only have to ask for that which you desire to appear.

We are caught up in the Western mindset that all that there is, the end all and be all of our existence, is the physical realm. This is because we are caught up and polarized in left brain thinking which cannot and does not take into account the metaphysical. Several years ago, a DVD and book were released called The Secret which claimed that you could have anything you wanted through the law of attraction. But The Secret was merely a cash grab and only focused on teaching you to acquire money because they knew it would be a key selling point to attract buyers of their product.

But those in magic or the occult knew the truth. The power that manifests your deepest desire is not some big secret. In fact, you already do it now unconsciously. You manifest good and bad things in life according to your belief system. A thought powered by a strong belief equals the world you experience. The truth is you are a reality generating machine; but you were never taught how to properly use your power. You harbor all kinds of thoughts many of which are detrimental to your well-being.

Were you worried that you would get laid off only to find the morning you came in they actually did lay you off? Guess who manifested that? That strong emotion of fear triggered it. The subconscious mind does not differentiate between what you want and what you don’t want. It only acts on the strongest emotion or belief. Now, with that said I have developed a system that when put into practice will actually help you control the awesome power within you. Follow the steps below and watch your life radically change!

In the religion of Ausar and Ausar the God, Herukhuti and Het-Heru were dating and had a very passionate love affair. Herukhuti was a warrior God, the God of justice, while Het-Heru was the Goddess of joy and pleasure. Together they formed a very passionate and intense energy. This is the energy you must tap into. However, their relationship did not last long, because Het-Heru went on to marry Heru or Horus, son of Ausar and Auset. Let us go into the technique to manifest your desires.

1. Set your goal. Make sure you are passionate about it. This must be something that every time you think about it you become extremely elated. Make sure that the thing you want has a means by which to come to you. Wishing for extra money yet staying in your basement playing video games for weeks on end does not create an opening. You must get a job, start a business, etc.
2. Focus on the image of you having what you desire in the present moment. The emotion is key. What would it feel like to be complete? To have that thing you desire right now? This is the feeling you must dwell on. Periodically dwell on this throughout your day. This focus should continue until your desire manifests. Do this for at least a full moon cycle, 28 days.
3. Now put that desire or objective in the back of your mind. Literally shift it to a type of afterthought. This process moves it from the left brain to your right brain. The right brain has the power to tap into universal forces to manifest your desire. It is not limited by resources or time and space.
4. Have faith that the thing you desire will come. Leave no room for doubt. Expect it!
5. Do not focus on the outcome but rather the process. Don’t become outcome-dependent. No matter what you see before you in the real world don’t let it shake or break your faith. This is the Heru factor. Heru, symbolized by a hawk, was known for his laser focus when attacking his prey. Nothing could deter him.

Lastly, sit back and watch the magic happen. Remember to enjoy the process and give what you want time to manifest. We live in the fourth dimension. This means there is a lag time between what you think and when it manifests. Depending on what your objective is, you could get it right away or it could take months, perhaps years. Now, there is one caveat that most spiritualists will never tell you about. This caveat is your pre-life agreement or soul contract, which could thwart your efforts.

(Important Note: This is a secret that most occult practitioners fail to address. When you perform your visualization, it is important that you get caught up in it and the emotion. You must get into the so-called, “flow state” and lose self-awareness. This means that time could pass while you are in this state and you not even realize it. When this happens, you are directly in contact with source and on your way!)

What is a pre-life agreement? It is a theme you agreed to explore while incarnated here on earth. Some agreed to be poor or very rich. Others agreed to die at a very early age. All these themes help source explore itself. Now, if you try to manifest great wealth and your pre-life agreement was to be poor so source could explore poverty, no approach you try will bring you money. It is not within your destiny to have success in that area.

Peace and blessings,
Qesankh Maa Kheperu

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Qesankh Maa Kheperu is a Kamitic Priest and Spiritualist who helps individuals discover the power within them. Visit his YouTube channel for more information: