There is a new, vibrant energy coming in for 2015; can you feel it?
I am very excited for the New Year and have almost been impatient for December to be over with this year. 2014 has been a great year, but I've been feeling lately like I'm ready to take this to the next level of success in my life in 2015.

As many of you who are Moms can relate to, I'm sure, I put some of my own goals on hold for a couple of years while I had Liam. I have no regrets about that whatsoever; it has been the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life, not to mention the best learning opportunity ever! But now that he is a little more independent, I've been feeling an inner pull to establish new goals and dreams for myself.

Today, New Year's Eve is the perfect opportunity to share with you a process I do every year to regroup the year that has just been and set my new goals and intentions for the year to come. I'll be doing this today. Will you join me?

1. Write a letter to your angels/the universe about all the wonderful accomplishments of the previous year.

If you're like many people (me included!) you tend to focus on the problems and lack instead of the successes. This exercise will help you to acknowledge and be grateful for all the positive experiences and successes you've had in the past year.

I always start out my letter with "Dear Guidance, It has been a wonderful year." Then I think back to January and write down all the highlights and successes I experienced. Without fail, I am truly impressed by the positive things that occurred. I realize that there's a lot more things going right than going wrong!

Don't write the negative things in your letter. Just the positives.

At the end I wrote, "Thank you guidance for your support with my success!" By the end of writing this letter, you will have shifted your vibration to positivity and gratitude.

2. Write a Letter to your Angels/The Universe about All the Wonderful Accomplishments of the Year to Come!

Now you project forward. Imagine if it was December 31, 2015 and you were writing your letter of the year in review as you just did. What wonderful things would you be thankful for? Go ahead and write another letter thanking your angels/the universe for all the things that happened in 2015.

Many people experience resistance with this exercise. They think they have to make it realistic and not too much of a stretch. But really, allow your energy to expand and write what you REALLY want in your heart of hearts. Don't worry if it's realistic and don't worry about the how. Go for it!

The fun part about this technique is that you get to actually look back in a year's time to see what you wrote and see how accurate it was.

I have been doing this for several years now, and there were some years that I achieved nearly everything that was in the letter. There were some years when what actually happened that year was pretty different from what I wrote. That's OK. Sometimes your desires and experiences shift as you go. Sometimes I've had a goal that has gone on for several years. If this is the case, I need to take a serious look at why I'm resisting that goal and do something to shift it!

3. Write a list of your goals and desires for the New Year.

What do you want in 2015?
What are your material and spiritual goals? What do you want to be, do and have?

This is the time to take a sincere look at yourself and your inner desires.
A soul moves by desire. Your desires are the gateway to who you truly are and what you have come to accomplish this lifetime. If you have a desire, there is something in it for you and there is a way you can achieve it. No doubt.

So write down a list of all the things you want in your life in 2015.
As I said I've been in a hurry for December to be over with so I've already done this for 2015. Some of my goals are to take a trip to Sesame World in Pennsylvania with Liam. To create a 6 figure business income. To have a successful tour and family visit to New Zealand. To do fun things with friends... and so on.

Just write them down, don't limit yourself!
Make your goals as specific as possible.

4. Create a 2015 Vision Board with Pictures Representing your Goals.

Now you get to have some fun. Gather all the magazines you can get your hands on, and a piece of posterboard. In past years, I've hosted vision board parties with friends so that everyone brings all the magazines we have and get to share them all, and have fun visioning our goals together. Maybe get some friends together to do this!

Have your goals list handy, and go through the magazines and cut out pictures that represent the goals you have.
The more specific, the better. I learned this the hard way a few years ago, when one of my goals was to go to Europe. I found a picture in a magazine that looked somewhat European so I stuck it on my board. But really I had no idea where the place was so the goal did not manifest. The next year I got specific and cut out pictures of Big Ben for London and the castle in Prague, Scotland. Now I was specific enough for my consciousness to receive the messages and I achieved my goal that year.

Try to find pictures representing all the goals on your list.
If you can't find them in the magazines you have, look online and print out pictures from the internet. I also like to stick on positive words and phrases that I find in the magazines. Bring in your creativity with the process as well as finding pictures for the specific goals. You might even find a picture of something that you hadn't thought of when you wrote your goals that is even better than your original plan!

You get to decide what you want your vision board to look like.
I always glue my pictures close together with no spaces and some of my friends make it look different. It's up to you!

Now USE your vision board. Put it somewhere where you will see it every day, and feel the positive vibrations from it. When Liam was just starting to crawl he kept pulling at my vision board and so Richard put it behind the couch. Um... not much good there where I can't see it!!

5. Write Out and Visualize your Goals Daily.

Bringing these desires and goals into reality is a daily practice.
It is actually scientifically proven that whatever your brain focuses on, it will create in reality. Don't just write your goals and make your vision board and then forget about the whole thing. Create a daily practice of writing out your goals and/or visualizing yourself experiencing them. When you write down your goals, don't just write them down perfunctorily. Imagine that your pen is creating manifesting magic, and bringing these things to you. When you visualize, don't just think about it and you're done. Fill your entire body with positive light and imagine that you are really making your dreams come true by seeing them in your mind.

Because you are.

Let the magic happen in 2015!

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