If you have not already realized it, you have already been using creative visualization everyday. Now how is that possible? It is because you have been manifesting whatever that your mind is focusing on. It is true that most of us tend to experience visualization in a negative way. We project our worries into the future. And thanks to the frenzied and stressful lives that many of us lead, we have been visualizing situations of "not having". We carry deep-rooted beliefs in our inability to achieve their dreams. We fear that we will never get the career of the our dreams, meet The One, or earn enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle.

These negative beliefs usually turn out to be true. These beliefs are not correct. Mostly they are myths or have no basis. What has also happened is that we are so focused on our negative attitudes, the universe responds by delivering what our thoughts have been focusing on. So for many people, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy that is difficult to break.

Now, just imagine what could happen if you reverse these thoughts – if instead of allowing negative images and beliefs to have negative consequences, you allow yourself to experience positive images and thoughts with positive consequences. What do you think is likely to happen?

Sounds like some pretty powerful stuff! In fact, think of your natural power of imagination as an empty field, and your visualizations as the seeds that are planted in that field. Like with any plant, you won’t see the shoots right away…
…but after a few months of watering, weeding and caring for your crops, you will have a field full of abundant and prosperous plants! So how exactly can you use creative visualization to harvest your own field of prosperity and abundance?

Let us take a look at an example to really drive home the hidden potential of your subconscious mind. Let's say that you’re feeling unsatisfied with your love life. You have been going out on dates, but they just do not lead to a satisfying and meaningful relationship. But instead of believing that you are unlovable, you decide to turn on the power of positive visualization to manifest a loving relationship.

First, you will need to relax into a quiet and meditative state of mind; this allows you to tap into your imagination without interruption from noisy distractions. Once you’ve achieved this state of tranquility, allow yourself to be carried away into a new mental state – one where you are free to imagine what your ultimate relationship looks like. Imagine yourself going on a date with your ideal mate. Imagine yourself laughing, sharing your secrets, opening up in ways you never thought possible. Feel yourself begin to fall in love, and your ideal mate feeling the same way. Add any other details that are important to you – where you will go, what you will eat, the good-night kiss. The point is that the more you visualize and believe that it’s going to happen, the more likely it is to occur.

Repeat this same exercise as often as possible, you will see the shoots of your own positive creative visualization spring up, ready to grow and blossom in the sunshine. You will be in for a rich harvest!

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Evelyn Lim assists her clients in creating a life of abundance. She is a Vision Board Counselor, Life Coach and Intuitive Consultant. She offers free tips on positive affirmations, creativity, law of attraction manifestation and visualization as well as a number of bonus downloads when you subscribe to the newsletter on her site. Click over right now to http://www.AbundanceTapestry.com.