Today, I want to share with you what I have learned after having spent more than 15 years with all sorts of obsessions and fears around food. It is my biggest wish that you can reflect upon these words and embrace the freedom that you truly deserve. Let me explain...

In the past, in order to get rid of my food fight, I tried “fixing” myself. I was pushing against what I perceived to be “dysfunctional” within me and my behavior. And to my surprise, the more I tried to change my behaviors and obsessions, the worse they got.

After getting nowhere with this, I finally let go the self-fight. Instead, I decided to focused on other areas in my life that I’d never seen before (ie. spirituality, consciousness and inner awareness). And after some months of deep self-exploration and discovery, I understood that many people who try to manifest better in their lives make the error of energizing desires that are full of neediness and hidden agendas, which simply accelerates the manifestation of more dysfunction in their lives.

You can only manifest change of present conditions and circumstances when you have accepted and made peace with them. Only when you can love your experiences can you leave them behind, and not a moment sooner. If you are running away from present dysfunction in your attempt to create better, you have not made peace with life and so will simply create 'different' dysfunction rather than better.

In this case, I had to make peace with my fears and obsessions around food instead of trying to fix them or running away from them. In other words, acceptance was my ticket to transcendence.

Manifesting change in life requires that YOU change in consciousness; nothing will change until you do. And delaying change until the desired outcome comes to pass is fantasy, as the outcome emerges from you. Your consciousness is the creator and cause of what you see in your outer life.

When you are needy of your desires (which means that you see yourself as lacking), you seek wholeness or fulfillment outside of you and 'pull' on the world rather than radiate outwardly from within....

And the interesting thing is that when you are radiating all-sufficiency from within and pour that out lavishly into the world, you no longer want 'things' from the world as you once did. You no longer see outer life as separate from your consciousness, and only seek to go deeper within.

The biggest "secret" is that you have command over the universe when you operate from a deeper level of being that is rooted in Love. And when you cannot genuinely feel Love, then you can start with unconditional acceptance. Only consciousness that operates at a 'higher' level can have command at this lower level...

Understand that all lack consciousness points to a sense of not being in wholeness, and the resolution is not to search for things external to you (as I did with food) but rather to uncover the fulfillment from within. In the truth of your being, you are whole, and lack simply indicates that you have yet to uncover the infinite resources that lie dormant within your being. Seeking ever greater wholeness within is what life is all about.

So I hope that you realize that life if not about pushing against yourself or wishing that you were something different. But by embracing what you are unconditionally you can then start uncovering the diamonds of wealth, beauty and infinite Love that reside within you.

How can you apply this to your current struggles? How can you perceive yourself anew in this moment? How can you accept all that you are? I’d love to hear from you, so leave your comments below.

In gratitude and faith,

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Author's Bio: 

Monica is a spiritual and evolutionary coach that helps people turn their struggles into an opportunity for self-realization, inner-power and freedom. After dealing with an eating disorder for over 15 years, she finally found that true nourishment comes from the inside out, and she was called to dedicate her life to the spiritual path of full liberation, evolution and self-expression. She holds a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics and a MS in Nutrition Education from Columbia University and a second MS in Holistic Health and Nutrition. She is a Belvaspata Healing of the Heart Level 1&2 pracititoner and on her way to becoming an Inner Mastery Tool Practitioner. She is a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles. You can learn more about her at