So, you want to market online and succeed?

If you read my blog post The Only Marketing Strategy – The Online Success Strategy, I shared 7 points every entrepreneur needs to have in place to market online and succeed.

To make it clear and show you how easy it is if you implement the only strategy needed to succeed online, I'll show you how to get started.

By strategy I don't mean a tactic. There is a difference.  A tactic is probably what you have paid lots of money to learn about in a course and it hasn't worked.  An example would be How to Get More Followers on Instagram etc. It's a tactic not the underlying strategy that all the top entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins or Marie Forleo implement to ensure they earn huge incomes. If you have the success strategy in place in it's entirety you can't help but succeed because it allows for step by step progress towards your income target.  You will be able to ensure that once you're cashflow positive after paying for ads or any other costs, you can work out your lead value and scale with confidence.

So to market anything online and succeed you need to  ...

- Build a list
- Set it up so relationships are growing through automation of emails that connect with your audience
- Automate the marketing and sales with a great funnel
- Use Cashflow optimisation to incrementally increase what you earn per lead and customer
- Have multiple streams of income in your funnel (which means you automate more offers to sell to your list)
- Track what you earn per lead and customer
- Test, re-test, and incrementally increase what you earn per lead

When you know how to do this you can literally hit very high income targets predictably and consistently.

This is how you market anything online and succeed

If you're not doing each of the above you're not marketing in a way that guarantees success. You can't create predictable, scalable results without all these things in place.

But if you implement the above properly, your success is pretty well guaranteed.

Where to start?

If you're going to put a marketing system together - and this is the only marketing system you will ever need to market anything online and succeed - you need either a

1. Your own Blog on WordPress (which I can help you with)

2. Or, you can use a hosted solution like Kartra  or Clickfunnels.
* I recommend Kartra over Clickfunnels or Leadpages  and you can read why by clicking on the link.

The Marketing Funnel Explained

The idea of the funnel is where marketers cast a broad net through organic marketing or paid ads to capture as many leads as possible. Those leads are then slowly nurtured with a series of automated emails so prospective customers are led through the purchasing decision, narrowing down these candidates at each stage. The beauty of the whole process is that it's automated.  Some network marketing companies offer funnels or a 'system' but these rarely work for various reasons.  I'll talk about that in another blog post but mostly it's because that system isn't customised or personalised for YOU.

I know a lot of you know what a basic marketing funnel is but in case you don't, here's an overview:

1.  Lead Magnet to Build your List

The lead magnet is the free incentive that you can offer to your potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact information. Lead magnets usually offer a piece of digital, downloadable content that is beneficial to your audience. You want their email address so you can build a list (a key component to the online success strategy). You need their email to deliver what you promised, but this also puts you in a position to sell other offers while providing more helpful stuff to your list over time. All of this can be automated and we can help you with lead magnets as well in our system.

Multiple Income Streams

Whether you realise it or not, putting ongoing multiple offers in front of your email list is where the big money is being made online. Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Brendon Burchard and Marie Forleo all use this system.  It's what increases what you earn per lead. Once you have multiple offers it gives you the resources to pay for ads and free up your lifestyle. At the same time, you are helping those on your list find things that help them get what they want.

No matter what you're selling  - whether it's products, services, network marketing opportunities, affiliate marketing, coaching, courses or consulting - you can't succeed at marketing online without multiple offers. No one does.

2. Lead Capture & Thank You Pages to Automate the Process

The webpage your audience will enter their email on is called a 'lead capture page'. And the page they landed on confirming the email was received is called a 'thank you page'. These pages allow you to 'automate' the marketing and lead generation process. It all works behind-the-scenes allowing your time to be your own once it's set up. The marketing funnel is key to gaining the leverage you need not only to market successfully but to give you time freedom.

3. A Sales Page or Pages

The web sales page is designed to present the offer and where the purchase is made. This allows for sales automation, which is key to the entire strategy. This is how you literally get to 'make money while you sleep. All the successful entrepreneurs do this to succeed online.

4. Landing Pages

The purpose of a landing page is to attract and engage your audience and bring them to a defined call to action. Other pages will comprise a complete marketing funnel, such as the page people land on after they purchase. And there may be other pages that present more offers before someone completes the first purchase (referred to as upsells and downsells). There may also be other pages people see after clicking on a link in one of your emails, which might provide a video that gives them more value, and that can lead to other offers for purchase. The point is you must have a marketing funnel in place to automate the marketing and sales process and to do that your best option is to use either a WordPress blog or an all-in-one solution like Kartra.

Don't be Overwhelmed!

It can be difficult to set all this up if you don't know how but I can help you with the system - lead magnet, emails, funnel and even something to sell if you don't have your own products.

Then you just need to personalise it all so it's coming from you. You can even use our marketing funnel templates designed for different markets and industries. Our system has the cashflow links to sales offers built-in, along with the emails, lead magnets, with each of the marketing funnel pages already included.

Personalising it so it's all from your and in your 'voice' is very important but once the system is set up, that isn't difficult. You also need to know how to drive traffic and manage it properly. This means knowing how to track your lead value (what you earn per lead) and how to increase your lead value to hit your income targets. But again, we will teach you how to do that if you're willing to learn .....

Remember ....

To market online and succeed, you need to implement these steps:

- Build a list
- Set it up so relationships are growing through automation
- Automate the marketing and sales
- Use Cashflow optimisation to incrementally increase what they earn per lead and customer
- Have multiple streams of income generated on the ‘back-end’ (which means they automate more offers being sold to their list)
- Track what they earn per lead and customer
- Test, re-test, and incrementally increase what they earn per lead

Having your own marketing funnel located either on your own WordPress blog or a system like Kartra allows you to do all of the above.

You Need THIS System in Place to Win Big

In other blog posts I will explain each of the 7 features in more detail, but for now if you are interested to learn more about the system, listen in to our free two hour class that will explain it all in more detail.

Bookmark this page and check your email for more blog posts. This information is life-changing. If you are sick of trying to succeed online and have failed OR want to change your lifestyle totally, then you need to understand the success strategy.  Maybe you want to retire or quit your job or pay for your kids' education or  help your parents or just travel the world!

Whatever you want, making money online is not just for the lucky few.  You just haven't discovered the system behind all the success until now.

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Author's Bio: 

Judith Shuttleworth helps entrepreneurs and online marketers learn to market successfully for predictable cashflow (no matter what they sell) so they can scale & start generating significant income. She runs her marketing business at and has run her digital marketing agency, HotsWots Digital, for just under 10 years and understands implicitly the marketing challenges faced by many entrepreneurs.