I have a really stupid question for you, would you rather be pinched or punched? Of course, the obvious answer is that you would rather get pinched. Being punched is perhaps ten times more painful. Also, by getting punched you can get certain injuries like a black eye, busted lip, or a broken bone. You don’t need to worry because there is a method to my madness.

I asked that question because so many people are getting punched, because they are unaware that they have a choice. Many of us get punched and beat up by life when we choose to suffer unnecessarily. Many of us suffer because we fail to realize that there is a cosmic dualism. This dualism divides our world into two separate spheres. It is really common sense when you think about it. It cannot be light and dark at the same time. A coin cannot be both heads and tails at the same time. A person cannot turn both right and left at the same time.

These divisions are also seen in Christian mythology; psychology and spiritualism. The concept of heaven and hell is the separation between good and bad. There is a clear division between the conscious and unconscious mind. Lastly, spiritualists believe that there is a separation between the body and soul. These divisions force us to make difficult choices.

If we choose one side, then we lose out on the potential opportunities and pitfalls that could be on the other side. The great Buddha talked about this concept many centuries ago. His life work was to teach people how to take the middle ground. He wanted to create a pathway, a bridge that connected two separate spheres, through a theory called balance. This theory encouraged people to master their inner worlds and create a sacred place of peace.

The Buddha claimed that much of our suffering stemmed from us putting too much emphasis and stock on the external world. It was our attachment to materials, people, and things that caused us to suffer. We can put an end to our suffering by becoming detached and mastering our inner world. Wow! The Buddha was deep. Centuries ago, He understood that when we learn to master ourselves, we are then able to understand that real change comes from within.

But the Buddha’s theory is also very practical. We will never have enough information to master our external world. This is the reason why life is so complicated. This is why we make so many mistakes. We simply can’t see all the options that are available to us. The world is incredibly complex, and we will never have enough information to be able to master it. We only can collect information about ourselves.

By doing this we can explore the unconscious mind, we can work to heal the soul and create our own heaven here on earth. We do this by going within, and understanding that we create our own experiences according to our perceptions. By mastering our internal world we are able to understand that the faults we see in others, are the things we lack inside of ourselves. By mastering our inner worlds, we are able to understand that we are the root cause for everything that happens to us in our world.

We suffer unnecessarily when we allow our insecurities and lack of wholeness to cause us to have problems with others. We suffer when we don’t except ourselves, and thus don’t accept others. We suffer when we allow others to deter us from our goals. We suffer when we allow others to master our souls. We can only master our destiny by taking control of our inner-world. By doing this, we eliminate the possibility of being punched, and we just get pinched.

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