SEO is that the short name for program Optimization. it's a process of getting free/organic/natural search results and traffic through search engines. These processes/techniques and methods help in letting the program know that the online pages are worth indexing in their search results.

As the most top ranked program “Google” uses many complex algorithms otherwise you can say them as its strategies/criteria to form sure that the web site is meeting its ranking factors, supported an equivalent Google will display your sites in its search results.

There are some ways through which one can measure whether their SEO efforts were successful or not. It’s easy to mention to live SEO success, but it isn’t actually easy to truly measure it.

There are thousands of things out there within the world of program Optimization that contribute to the higher performance and confirm that whatever strategies and efforts you're putting aren't going vain. We cannot measure everything but again we will measure a broader perspective of all those things which will help us know that each one the diligence done has not been wasted and has shown its result.

We will be mentioning below three major benchmarks which will help any business in measuring their SEO success.


Ranking itself may be a very big factor for measuring SEO, because it displays the result where you stand when someone searches for the business on which you've got been working for months or years. Again ranking is defined by the time you've got been on the online . it's determined by the goodwill, quality of data , backlinks, social shares and lots of other things that help in improving the location quality.

Other factors like ranking for better results also matter or the strategy that you simply use for ranking also matters.

For example- you're performing on 10 keywords out of which you discover that 3 are having high searches and high competition but are on the primary page. Now to urge on the primary page you'll need to put more of the optimization efforts and implement a far better strategy than the one which you've got been following for now. While on the opposite hand, you'll need to just work with an equivalent strategy and fewer optimization efforts so as to rank first on the opposite 7 keywords that are though not on the primary page but are having high searches and low competition. These 10 keywords are most relevant to your work and are expected to bring an equivalent amount of results for every .

This is also how of selecting the foremost ideal keywords on which you've got to rank upon in order that you'll have the foremost preferable result.

Traffic is one among the foremost important things that any business would want on their website. Not just the traffic the relevancy of the traffic is additionally important to make sure that the traffic that you simply have gained isn't just waste. There are two major things that one can divide traffic into which are as mentioned below.

1. Traffic Volume

Now, this is often something that's just measurable in terms of numbers per month or year. during this case, it can only be considered for organic traffic we are becoming for the web site .

Now in organic search, the quantity of the traffic depends completely on the audience size you're targeting for the SEO campaign. Example- If you're trying to find something like shirt printing or T-shirt printing in bulk nationwide. you'll expect more audience to return your way through organic search while if you're trying to find something like best frozen dessert parlour within the local areas. therein case, you ought to be prepared for low traffic organically.

2. Traffic Quality

Now, this thing can't be measured by number but surely other factors which may be measured by number will help in getting meaningful insights. Below mentioned are key KPI (Key performance indicators) for determining the standard of the traffic we are becoming .

a. Average Visit Duration

b. Bounce Rate

c. Page per Visit

These three things when reviewed together can assist you choose whether you've got the relevant traffic or not. Now once you will see your bounce rate is higher then it corresponds to you having less average time spent and low page per visit. this may tell you either you've got some issues with the web site or the standard of the traffic you're getting.

Let us have an example here. Let’s say that our targeted keyword was “avoid pimples” this was with regard to the cosmetic business that one could be doing. While when the audience searched it they searched it with regard to “avoid pimples home remedies” through the keyword might be an equivalent for the searched the psychology behind the search might be different. an easy solution to the present might be rank on a keyword like “cosmetics to avoid pimples”. during this way, the customer are going to be trying to find an equivalent cosmetics instead of home remedies. this is often why being more specific in terms of the traffic and keyword is usually beneficial. For an equivalent reason, the client are going to be more inclined towards spending time on the web site reading about the cosmetic.


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