The pace at which technology is moving, coupled with the skills of talented entrepreneurs, is one area that has helped people connect with each other so much easier than ever before. Facebook, which now has over 500 million active users, and in any town in any country there will be hundreds and thousands of people for you to connect with, is great for making connections with people, but facebook focuses more on networking with people you already know.

But, what if you have moved to a new town, or country? What are the options available to you, if you want to meet new people?

Your Work

If you work for a company with several employees in it, there is a good chance there will be people of a similar age group whom you can make good friends with. Have lunch together, attend as many company activities and outings as you can, network with other departments whenever possible, and always make a personal visit to a department or a colleague rather than a phone call. If they don’t have nights out, perhaps organise one – as simple group email is all that is required.

Flat / House Share

For those who can’t afford their own place, flat or house sharing is a great way to meet new people, especially in cities or large towns. Make sure you select house mates who are in a similar position to yourself, regarding age, status, etc. This is a sure way to make sure you’ll not have to spend lonely nights watching TV! Check the property section of local newspapers for suitable adverts.

Join a Local Gym

As well as keeping fit, joining a gym will allow you to connect with a lot of local people. Attending the classes is always a good place to start, and their socials. If they currently don’t organise socials, ask them if they would, or organise one of your own by preparing a simple poster and posting it on their notice board.

Search the Local Forums

Most large towns and counties will have their own forums and many will have a personals or friendship section. Find out which forums cover your area and place an ad. You might be surprised by the response you get and like with anything you do online, exercise caution and always arrange to meet people in a safe environment.

Join Social Networking Sites

Another quick way for meeting new people quickly. There are several ‘friends’ sites that are established - some are stronger than others depending on the town, city or country. Use the search engines for finding the strongest ones in your area. Most of them allow you to upload pictures, create your own personal profile and contact is always made through the site so your personal details are never revealed. Some sites organise group events or for those less outgoing, one to ones are popular. The ‘friends’ sites are a quick way to meet new people and another avenue for you to use, in addition to the above. Generally, the more effort you make contacting people, the greater your chances of success will be. Most people rely on others to make contact first – don’t let other people control your future! Identify those people who catch you eye, or have similar interests, and make contact with them as soon as you can.

Dating Sites

Of course if you want to meet a member of the opposite sex, the above suggestions will work, but you also have the use of many tried and tested dating sites. Most are subscription based, but there are also those that are free to use.

Meeting new people shouldn’t be difficult if you try at least some of the above methods.

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