The Internet has long taken over the world. We can't think of a day without it today: we work and study on the Internet, make purchases, receive news, useful information, and even get acquainted. It is much easier for a modest, indecisive person to start communicating through written correspondence than to do it in real life. And sometimes even bolder people, in this regard, do not always have enough time to communicate in real life.

It's often not so easy for either of them to find a life partner that meets their desired needs — as a rule, they are not found in the immediate vicinity. So, dating sites and various mobile apps have come to the rescue. In today's article, we will give you some tips on how to start dating online.

So now you have successfully registered, filled out the form, uploaded your best photos and started your search by viewing the profiles of other participants. What should be done first?

1. Don't feel shy to be the first to write
Try to take the initiative and start corresponding. Your simple "Hi! What's up?" won't interest anyone. But if you start with an open dialogue and write what exactly attracted you to the person, the chances of starting an interesting conversation will increase.

If you don’t want to write a lot, just send a short, original, nice compliment. Try to find common interests and talk about them. And if your companion feels sincerity, respect and a desire to establish contact, then he/she will definitely reciprocate. According to his/her messages, you'll immediately understand the level of the person's education, tactfulness, knowledge.

2. Try to learn as much about your partner as possible
In order not to regret in the future about wasted time, it's advisable to find out more about your new friend right away. It’s good if he has real photos in his profile and at least some words describing him. In this case, from the first minute, it will be clear who this person is, and whether it's worth continuing communication with him.

If you liked him, but for some reason, he doesn't get in touch for a long time or doesn't answer your messages, don't be afraid to write again. Tell him how much you missed him and how much you are looking forward to hearing from him. But at the same time, do not mention your grievance for his long absence. He probably was very busy or might not have had a chance to answer. In case of a very long silence or a rude response, do not lose heart and waste any more time on him. Just leave him alone and start a new search.

3. Correctly formulate your questions and don't rush to answer
While communicating, it's very important to be open and tactful and not be intrusive or boring. Conversations should not be limited to questions about work and ex-partners. This will instantly alienate the other person. Know how to ask questions correctly. Restrain your feelings, do not be overly emotional.

If you have any doubts about the other person, do not respond immediately to his message. Think carefully, weigh everything and only then decide whether to continue the correspondence. If you're certain that this is your type of person, you can easily stop communication at any time.

But, if you really like him, then you can proceed further and exchange phone numbers and socialize, hear his voice, tone, and intonation, or even get introduced to each other via a video chat. It is very important to be a good listener, maintain a prompt dialogue and not to interrupt. Having communicated in this way, you can feel if your partner is fit for you, and whether it is worth meeting face-to-face.

4. Don't engage in lengthy conversations
A long correspondence, of course, can give a greater idea of a person, his hobbies and passions. However, not everyone likes this text format of correspondence and spending time writing endless messages. You can just exchange a few common phrases and proceed right-away to a video-chat in order to visually evaluate your partner.

It is very important for a girl to demonstrate her charms. But it's not worth putting on an evening gown, change the hairstyle or put on bright makeup especially for the camera. Be real and natural. You can slightly intrigue and attract your partner with elements of unpredictableness and unspoken insinuations. Light flirting may also be appropriate, since the desire to be liked and make a pleasant impression flows in the blood of the female half of mankind.

5. Don't fall in love until you meet in person
Try not to get carried away with your new friend within the first moments of your communication. If you fall in love, then it will be very difficult to deal with it. This should also be kept in mind in case you run into a fraudster or a culprit.

Don't rush things: during the correspondence, you can find out in detail about your partner's habits, desires, and values. Follow the recommendations of the first point, and only then throw yourself headlong into the pond of love.

Do not be seduced by attractive appearances and umpteen compliments. Beware of falling in love until you know that you are on the right path. Think with your head, choose with your heart, and make a reasonable, well-thought-out step.

6. Don't rush into a real-life meeting
Even a day or two is too early for an appointment. Be patient and take a long time to communicate. Only then will it be possible to understand whether you are drawn to this person or not, whether you want a real meeting with him.

And under no circumstances should you disclose your bank details or email address so as not to be deceived by a fraudster. Be alert and careful. Know that both in real life and on the Internet, there are good people, and there are those that are not quite so decent. Over time, you will be able to assess who is in front of you and learn to weed out those who are not worthy of your attention.

P.S. Internet access expands opportunities for dating and building family relationships. It allows you to search for a partner in all corners of the world, regardless of the difference in languages and nationalities. With the help of the World Wide Web, a huge number of families were created. So be bold, dive into the vastness of the Internet, look for your life partner and be happy!

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