Is amending a broken relationship difficult? How do you mend a broken relationship?

John and Kelly are trying to mend their broken relationship for 6 months now since John cheated on her. They find it very challenging and difficult to move on as Kelly keeps focusing on what John has done and on the fact that he was not loyal to her. She feels she can’t trust him again, but wants to give their relationship a chance. Does this story sound familiar?

Often people who are in broken relationship find it hard to find a solution to solve their problem whether their partner cheated on them, abused them or lied to them. Many stay living with pain and don’t know how to eliminate it.

If the issue you are dealing with is trust and your partner can’t trust that you are going to stop cheating or abusing, then you need to learn how to make your lover trust you. One of the best and most proven methods to help you mend a broken relationship and win your partner’s heart according to research is by making your partner trust you. Studies show the more you make your partner trust you, the more your mate is willing to give your broken relationship a chance.

You might ask how can your make your partner trust you? Great question! Give your lover attention and unconditional love. If you learn to practice the art of unconditional love 80% of the time and show that you can be trusted, then you have a great chance to rebuild and improve your relationship.

Besides building trust and making your partner trust you once again, there are a few other steps that you need to know to help you learn how to mend your broken relationship:

1. Communicate

No relationship can heal without taking the time to communicate with each other and discuss the problems that you two have experienced.

What you two have to say is important, so take the time to listen and communicate to each other. Inform your mate that what he or she has to say is very important and listen carefully.

2. Forgive

After you heard each other and communicated, it is time to start forgiving each other. As long as you stay holding resentment toward each other, you will not be able to mend your broken relationship. Not only that, unforgiving each other will also cause both of you unwanted anxiety and stress, which can have a negative impact on your relationship and health.

Once you forgive each other, learn from the past, and focus on the present, your relationship with each other begins to improve slowly and get back on the right track, which will help you avoid breakup and divorce.

3. Express your love

Many couples wonder what they could do to mend and save their relationship. There is a need to express your love to your partner both verbally and by taking action. Usually women tend to express their love and appreciation verbally while men tend to express their love by acting such as providing for the house. The more you express your love both verbally and by taking action, the more your relationship will improve.

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Dia Thabet

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