How To Mend A Broken Relationship With Your Boyfriend: How To Fix A Relationship In Trouble

Many couples often break up as result issues such as; infidelity, incompatibility, nagging, financial issues, physical or mental abuse, sex, disrespect etc. if you've broken up with your lover because of such issues, then its only the two of you who can decide the fate of your relationship. However, there are certain things you can do as an individual which can actually mend your relationship especially if you are the one who wronged him or her.

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Here are several tips on how to fix a broken relationship that you should consider.

Find out what the issues are, and then iron them out
The first step to take in fixing your relationship is to figure out the reasons that led to your breakup. Establishing the root cause of the breakup can go along way in finding the solution to your relationship problems. Whether you took your partner for granted or did something wrong doesn't matter, knowing what caused the whole mess and willing to change is all that counts. Let it be known through words and actions that you are not only committed to the relationship but you are also willing to make necessary adjustment or sacrifice in order to make your relationship to work.

Forgive and forget
If you wronged your partner then ask for forgiveness, if they wronged you then forgive forget. Forgiveness is in fact a major determinant as to whether the relationship will continue or end. Whatever the issues of the relationship are, if your partner is sorry and you love him or her dearly then forgiveness is an option to consider. Although forgiving your partner on issues like infidelity or physical abuse isn't easy; one can actually decide to let bygone be bygones. If you love your partner too much and you cant imagine living without them, then forgivness them is an option to consider

Commit to change
Asking for forgiveness and pledging to change is the first step in fixing a relationship. However, it's important to note that actions are normally stronger than words meaning you should actually walk the talk of whatever you pledge to do. Remember change is necessary in order to convince your partner that you won't repeat the same mistakes. If you broke up because of a financial problem then change can mean a host of things like minimizing you spending or looking for alternative sources of income. Whatever the reasons are, demonstrating to your partner that you are willing to change through actions will go along way in saving your relationship.

Spend more time together
Although there are many ways on how to fix a broken relationship, spending more time together can really be the difference. If you've broken up because of issues like sex dissatisfaction, lack of attention or company, unfulfilled desires or other similar issues, then its time you spent more time with your partner in addressing the issues. If you love your partner then you would be willing to try new things in order to make your relationship work again. spend more time with your partner and mend your broken relationship.

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It happens sometimes. You wait, you are patient, you try to keep busy and distract yourself from the thought of it - but you find there is no escaping the truth. You are still in love with your ex. So now you're faced with the difficult decision of keeping it to yourself, or letting them know. And as we all know, some things are just meant to be shared!

Write them A Poem
But you're not a poet, you say? Love is the reason that poetry was invented, so if you're truly in love, you'll be amazed what a poet you are after all! Don't try to write poetry, just write to them how much you care, and like love, your prose will take on its own poetic form in no time.

Dedicate a Song
It's hardly deniable: most all songs every written, played, or sung have been love songs. From torment to elation, lust to commitment, there exists a song out there, which expresses how you feel. And it will let them know in the timeless way only music can, how much you still care.

Flowers - Nature's Way of Saying "I Love You"
Can't you just imagine - a caveman giving flowers to adorn their love? Before words and music, we have been picking these delightfully beautiful naturally growing works of art and delivering them as ways to woo. And not much has changed.

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Make a Photo Album
Surely you have some old pictures laying around somewhere. You couldn't have deleted them all in the heat of the battle. If so, check with friends and use what they still have. Putting together a photo album of pictures of your ex (or the both of you) not only shows you miss them, but shows you've taken the time to make their memory a part of your daily life. And that's love.

Just Open Your Big Mouth
Gossip can be anything from trite and irritating, to horrible and reputation damaging. But you can also use it towards you advantage. Spread the word about how you still care. It will not only reach your ex's ears, but it will become an unavoidable fact after it's been heard through the grapevine - at least, that's what I've heard.

Romeo Style
This one may be downright nerve wracking if the relationship is too new, but standing outside an ex's window and calling out to the from below will prove to be both silly and fun. And it will certainly convey the message well!

Customized T-shirt
Again, this may be too much for a first time fling, but having a t-shirt custom silk-screened for your ex can be a fun and touching way to tell them you still care. Plus, you have plenty of past experiences with them that you're sure to think of something clever to say!

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The first conversation after a breakup can be one of the most awkward and nerve-wracking experiences, but it doesn't have to be. There are many ways to go about naturally easing into conversation that can save you those anxious butterflies (or full blown panic attacks), so just relax - it will be okay.

If You Can't Make It, Don't Fake It
While faking a smile has been proven to actually improve your mood, and may even lead to real, genuine smiling, the true cannot be said for conversation. If you really can't find anything (good and nice) to say, then it really is just best to wait until you are more calm and can speak freely without sounding so forced.

Hello Is Always Nice
A simple greeting is usually the best way to start any conversation, and this applies to ex's as well. Just say "hello", with a smile (which can be faked if necessary!), and see where it takes you. If you follow it with a genuine "how are you?" or "how have you been?" then you practically have a full conversation going right there!

A Compliment is Always Nice
If you've found your way past the greeting, a compliment is always nice. Don't think too hard about it, just notice something (anything really), and comment in a pleasant way about it. Even if it's something ridiculous, and it's obvious that you are really stretching for a compliment, your efforts will be noted, and endearingly appreciated.

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See A Movie You Know They Have Recently Seen
What would we do without modern cinema? Screenwriters, actors and filmmakers would be unemployed, critics would be falling dead with boredom, and people would have to find something else to talk about. But fortunately, we do have it. Use it to your advantage.

Pretend You Called the Wrong Number
This works great. Act surprise and confused when your ex answers the phone, and then just plainly explain that you accidentally dialed their number (or your phone pocket called them!). Then, while you have them on the phone, ease into a greeting, and go from there.

Online Counts
Never underestimate the power of online communication. It counts. It's as real as voice - at least it can be. Starting a conversation via online chat or email is a "safer" way to go too, since the immediate face-to-face rejection factor is removed. One in six marriages now are attributed to online meetings and online dating so don't be shy to use these new forms of communication!

When in doubt, breathing is always good. It's amazing what we cannot accomplish because of stress and anxiety, and how much more pleasant everything is when we calm down, remember to breathe, and take it easy. So, take a deep breath, and just start talking!

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Sometimes it's not enough to have your ex want you back. Sometimes, they've put you through too much to simply go traipsing back to them without a second thought. Sometimes, you should make them burn a bit for your attention. And here's a few tips how to turn up the heat (they work best when followed in order):

Be Flamboyantly Happy Without Them
This will boil their blood, especially if the break-up was rather recent. While they are thinking about you (or even just being bummed in general - breakups aren't easy for anyone ever) you'll be showing off how you're not affected in the least. And they will wonder ceaselessly what your secret is.

Ask them Out on a Double Date - with You and Your New Fling!
Ouch. This one may be a bit rough, but by if you can pull it off - it's well worth it. They'll be feeling awkward at the mention of it, most likely, especially if they don't have a date! It's also nearly impossible for anyone to watch someone they cared about with someone else without feeling the burn of jealousy, so either way, you can't lose.

Start Asking them for Dating Advice
Here's where your ex will really start to wonder what's going on with you. They may wonder if it's a trick (it doesn't have to be), but they will probably talk with you about it, even if it's just out of confusion. Plus, it's a great way to get them to open up, and a chance for you to listen - you may learn something!

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Always Use them for Comparison
Using your ex as a basis for comparison will always get them listening. And when you start going on about how no one else even comes close, not only will they will be flattered, but they will start to remember how good you were too, and they'll be back for sure.

Reminisce About the Good Times
Start talking about all the good times you had together, and all the things you miss the most, and thank them for the time spent. That's all you have to say - for now.

Complain that You Can't Find Anyone as Good in Bed
Here's where the build up really takes hold. When you let them know that they were just the best in bed, you'll flatter them, and get them lingering on the subject. And it's so much easier the second time around...

Tell Them How Exactly How You Would Treat Them if You Could Do Again
This is where you slam dunk. When you start to tell them how exactly you will treat them again if you had the chance, they're sure to respond. After all, you've primed them well, and they'll be responsive to your ideas of romance, good times, and great lovin'. And they'll be back for sure - if only to see whether or not you keep your word (whether or not you do, is up to you).

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