In this video, I show you how to mix the techniques of strumming and picking when playing chord progressions on your guitar.

You hear this kind of thing happening in songs all the time.

It makes your playing sound more musical and dynamic.

At times you will strum more than pick, at others pick more than strum.

There are a lot of possible combinations.

In this lesson, you learn my 5 step method for mixing strumming with picking.

1. Chordal Picking:

First you learn how to pick the notes out of a chord separately.

2. One Bar Strumming With One Bar Picking:

Next, begins the mixing together of strumming and picking techniques by alternating one bar of strumming with one bar of picking.

3. Half Bar Strumming With Half Bar Picking:

In this step, the frequency of switching between strumming and picking is reduced to half a bar.

4. Mixing Strumming And Picking Combinations:

Step 4 has you mixing approaches from the previous steps.

5. Randomize Strumming And Picking:

The final step has you making things up on the spot as you mix strumming with picking. This is the whole idea. To be able to make it up on the spot, in the moment.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Mixing Strumming With Picking Video Tutorial

Combining Strumming With Picking Chords In A Progression

Chordal Picking

The following is a chord picking pattern we will use in conjunction with strumming:

Strum Chord Pick Guitar Example 1

Alternating One Bar Strumming With One Bar Picking

The following are two ways you can begin combining strumming and picking together by alternating bars with each technique:


Strum Chord Pick Guitar Example 2


Strum Chord Pick Guitar Example 3

Alternating Half Bar Strumming With Half Bar Picking

We can reduce the alternation of strumming and picking to half a bar each:


Strum Chord Pick Guitar Example 4


Strum Chord Pick Guitar Example 5

Integrating Strumming And Picking Combinations

To further integrate strumming with picking we can mix up the approaches form the previous example like so:

Strum Chord Pick Guitar Example 6

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A highly successful, experienced, and sought after guitar instructor, Simon Candy specialises in the acoustic guitar. Running his own school out of his home town of Melbourne, Australia, Simon also offers acoustic guitar lessons online