Many studies on kid's motivation for reading have recognized that we live in a time of a reading crisis! The issue is a major educational, cultural and social occurrence. The reading crisis has slowed from the excessively big school reading materials, kid's interest with mass media, smart mobile phones, and entertaining TV channels with low-quality social content. That all has a substantial negative impact on children.

As soon as they start school, children face many challenges. How to master complex mathematical operations, how to develop communicative language skills, and how to understand the world of science. We were all said in school that the extra we read, it will be easier for us to express and show our speech, opinions, thoughts, and beliefs.

A person who develops a healthy reading habit is more than just a well-educated person. He/she has more self-confidence, has more assurance in what he/she is saying and is able to deal with any surprising event. This is why we, the grown-ups, must pass the habit on to our teen-agers.

How to motivate a child to read?

Specialists believe that developing a kid's confidence in his own ability to grasp knowledge through reading is one of the most crucial inspirations for reading. This is what researchers refer to like the feeling of self-efficiency.

Self-efficiency develops a positive self-confidence in our kids and trust that their hard work and struggle will pay off. They learn that through reading, they are capable of gaining more information and knowledge.

In this way, a kid's fear of reading is also gets reduced. If a teacher or a parent manages to develop the self- efficiency assessment ability in children, they are on the right way to inspire their children to make an effort to determine and decide all the tasks that unfold before them as they read.

Some of the steps that parents can take in order to develop a self- efficiency in children in the reading process are:

Highlighting the significance and value of reading as a valuable activity.
Making a positive atmosphere to them for reading.
Inspiring the necessity for reading.
Assisting a child to develop a believing in themselves as a reader.
Educators have a key role in encouraging children to read.

Who should motivate a child to read?

Kid's enthusiasm for reading starts from more than a few places parents, siblings, close relatives or teachers. A kid's love for books and their interest in learning and liking reading should be cherished every day.

Since the initial age, the family should develop an encouraging attitude to read books in their child. Teachers can have a key impact on the growth of a positive tactic of reading. Once the approach is embedded in the child, reading becomes one of their favorite hobbies. Kids themselves will take books to read in their free time.

How can teachers in schools inspire kids to read?

1. To the degree possible, by regulating the topic of selected necessary reading and assignment with a kid's age and their welfares.

2. Instead of a straightforward approach where a child reads compulsory reading on their personal, a teacher can establish happenings of reading in groups.

3. By questioning a kid to share their understanding after they complete a book, with their friends.

4. By inspiring kids to connect the books with their certain life experiences.

5. By forming classes where kids can talk about the material they read in their free time online stories, comics, books other than compulsory reading.

The magic of reading! The minute when you take a seat in your special corner, holding a book and get transported to a different world, often unfriendly and unknown. The foremost wonderful thing is imparting a positive attitude and love towards everything to kid, even reading. Reading shapes us and creates us active, talented and wise. Once they understand that they learned a lot of new things, kids are interested to keep searching for answers. This is why you must encourage the kid to love the magic of reading.
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