So you want to study fast, effective and want something to motivate you? there is nothing more motivating than knowing that there are books written using brielle for blind students, tell me what do those students have more than you?

You have to know that they use the computer using their ears and mouth by giving commands and listening to the responds, they can't read like how you are reading now, what a pity.

Do you know that they like people to treat them as fully functional? imagine yourself one of them, how could be your life? Do you still want to be motivated to study? are you still feeling tired to study? what are the things you don't have that they have, just type "success stories about blind students" on google and you will find plenty of successful stories about blind students, do you want to tell me that this won't make any difference?

Another way to get super motivated is to draw your vision and always recall this vision in your daily meditation, what i mean by drawing is either you physically draw a picture about the words that describes your vision (become an engineer, become a doctor, become a self made millionaire), this picture will make you remember your vision when ever you look to it (you should make a good drawing out of the words you written).

Another way is to write your goals down on a small piece of paper or to write these goals on your cell phone notes and look on it when ever you want to visualize your vision.

Always recalling your vision boost up your motivation to the most, so find a way to recall your vision, i used to recall my vision five times a day while meditation, so take the step and go ahead.

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