Are you like most people, to have probably wondered how to move a refrigerator the smart way? It can be frustrating especially when it seems like it will never end up in the right place. It is important that you know how to move it so it will not break or get stuck.

There are many things that need to be considered when you are trying to move a refrigerator from one place to another.
If you want to know how to move your fridge by following the right steps, then this article will show you the correct procedure.

By following the instructions included with the moving directions, you can be sure that you will be able to move your refrigerator by following the steps above.

Cater For Right Supplies

When it comes to getting your refrigerator out and about, there are a lot of little things that you need to keep in mind. There are different ways to go about moving a refrigerator. Many people will try to tackle the project by themselves, which can be dangerous and difficult if the directions given are not followed correctly.

• If you are planning on moving the refrigerator by yourself, you will need to know exactly how many inches in all the way from the top to the bottom of the refrigerator is.
• You also need to make sure that the refrigerator has the right dimensions to fit into the area you are planning on moving it in.
• If you decide to try and tackle the move by yourself, you will need to firstly know exactly how much space you will need to manoeuvre around with the refrigerator.
• If you're not too comfortable trying to tackle such a large project on your own, you should definitely look into hiring somebody to come and help you move the refrigerator in a safe manner.
• Other ways to get the job done without needing to worry is by using a dolly to move the refrigerator.
Before you start getting ready to move anything, make sure you have all of the proper equipment to ensure that your move goes smoothly and you are satisfied with the results.

Measure The Door-Ways

When moving a refrigerator from one place to another or just moving a cabinet from one room to another, you need to know how to measure doors and make sure that they fit properly. If you do not have the proper dimensions for your doorways before you move the appliances in there could be a problem. This could possibly cause damage to some of the appliances, worse it may even break down your fridge.

• The best thing to do is get a tape measure and start measuring doorways while you're moving the fridge in.

• Locate the door at the top and bottom of your fridge. You should be able to turn the door all the way open without having any air leakage. Write down the measurement of each door and then use a tape measure to determine how big the doorways are so you can get the exact dimensions for your doorways. You can find these measurements on the back of your refrigerator. If you have a wall mounted refrigerator it is much easier to measure doorways since you do not have to worry about the wall supporting it.

• Now you can go ahead and take out your tape measure and start measuring all the way from the floor up. Make sure that you write down the measurements for the bottom of your doorways, the sides of the doorways, the middle of the doorways, and the height of the door. Do not forget to write down the width of your doorway, and the depth of each of the doorways.

When you have all of these measurements ready you can make sure that the doorways are correctly sized for the fridge that you want to move in. Then you can begin to move the fridge in and out without having any problems or leaving extra air holes in the appliance.

Clean And Defrost Your Fridge 24 Hours Before Moving

Knowing when to clean out and defrost your fridge before moving can save you a lot of hassle and energy as well as keep you safe from food poisoning.

• It would be best to clean out and defrost your fridge about 24 hours before moving day so that any left-over food would have enough time to break down.

• It would also be ideal if you could clean out and defrost your fridge while you move in the same room so that you won't have to cross town to get ready for the move. There are a couple of ways to know when your fridge is ready to be emptied and defrosted, and these methods include cooking with it or leaving it out in the open.

Once your fridge is clean, dry, and closed, you can begin your move.

Pack Carefully

Many people find packing a refrigerator a difficult and time-consuming task, but with these few guidelines, you will have no problem getting it all prepared for the big move. Make sure that you do not pack it too loosely. If you do, it might be too hard for you to get the cooling unit out without causing it to break in half or worse - fall apart on you!

• When you pack your refrigerator, first and foremost, you need to remember to pack all of the freezer ice and other items.
• Do not leave anything in the refrigerator that is not in use.
• Make sure that the freezer is completely empty before proceeding any further with the disassembly of anything.
• Turn off all of the refrigeration, including the ice maker, and then disassemble your refrigerator.
• Use the directions provided by the manufacturer to put the cooling unit back together.
• Close the door of the refrigerator and then wait a few minutes for it to cool down before you can close the door. The cooling unit can be put back together after it has cooled down.

You should also remember to make sure that there is no ice left in the refrigerator, so that you do not risk opening it and getting a big icicle stack on top of you!

Transport In A Dolly With All Precaution

In order to move your refrigerator from one location to another you will need help, it will help if you have two people helping you; you will also need two people to help with the dolly if you are trying to move it on your own. Getting your refrigerator ready for transport by a dolly is very important and you need to make sure that you follow the proper steps to help you move it safely.
Here are some of the things that you should consider if you want to get your refrigerator to another location on your own.

• The first thing that you need to do when you are trying to get your refrigerator ready for transport by a dolly is make sure that the doors are locked.

• You need to lock them so that you and your helper don't accidentally open them while moving the refrigerator to the other location. If they are left unlocked you could cause damage or even cause a dangerous situation for you and your assistant.

• It would be far better if you tried to get it ready on your own before bringing in the dolly so that you know what to do in case of any accidents or unforeseen events.
• This is just a simple precaution that you need to be aware of and make sure that you follow through with at all times.
Once you have taken all of these safety precautions, it will be time to call around and get quotes for moving your fridge by yourself and with your helper.

Know How To Move A Fridge Up Or Down Stairs

Moving a refrigerator up or down stairs can be a time-consuming process. Many of us have pushed and pulled this move countless times. We get frustrated and finally just decide to just leave it there where it is.

There are ways to move a refrigerator up or down stairs easier and not have to deal with so many frustrating and time-consuming steps. Find out how to take care of the big job and move your refrigerator with ease.

• First, know your current refrigerator placement. There are many large models that are on high shelves. This would usually be the best place to begin the move of your refrigerator.

• However, if your refrigerator is a more medium size model that sits on a low shelf, you may need to move it up some stairs to clear the way. This can help avoid having to go up and down many flights of stairs while trying to remove or replace your refrigerator.
• Smaller refrigerators that sit on narrow shelves or tall cabinets may just not have enough room to move around safely. You need to make sure that your refrigerator will be able to fit through the opening.

Loading and Unloading Your Fridge

Many people who are moving houses often face the problem of loading and unloading the refrigerator. While some simply grab the top off the refrigerator, others need some
specialized equipment to make the job quick and easy.

• The simplest way to load the refrigerator into the truck that will carry it when you leave is to place the door of the refrigerator on the floor and load it up under the bed. Make sure that you secure the doors with either carpet or tacks so that they will not fly out in the truck while you are driving.

• Once the refrigerator is loaded into the truck, there are several other things that have to be taken care of to make the unloading a smooth process as well as ensure that the refrigerator remains safe while it is being transported. Make sure that you do not load more than the refrigerator's capacity. You should also make sure that the floor of the truck is not wet when you are unloading it, because this can cause damage to the sensitive parts of the refrigerator.
• Finally, you should make sure that the tires of the truck are sufficient enough for the loading and unloading.

As a reminder, loading and unloading the refrigerator while moving is something that any amateur should never attempt. It is far better to hire someone to do the job for you, and this can be done quite easily by looking online for refrigeration rental companies. When you are moving home, the last thing you want is for your refrigerator to become damaged, so it is important that you take care of this task as soon as you can after you move home.

Set-Up Your Refrigerator In Your New Home

When relocating, one of the worst things you can do is have your refrigerator breaks down and stop you from enjoying delicious meals again.

If you are simply moving your refrigerator in order to get some more space or are replacing an old model, then the chances are good that the refrigerator you currently own is fine and you will not need to make any major changes.

However, if you are moving in order to find a new home or are looking to downsize to a smaller home, then you will definitely want to consider some of the following things.

For one, you will probably want to remove all the food that you currently store in your refrigerator and stock it in your new home instead. This is easier said than done of course and you will likely need to spend some time researching the best way to store this type of food so you can ensure that it remains safe and sound once it arrives.

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