When going on vacation, especially to a big city like Miami, it is vital to do one's homework and learn a thing or two about a place. Where to sleep, where to eat, how to spend one's free time, but most importantly, how to move around the place. Why is it so important? Because if one does not acquire that knowledge before arriving at the place one may find themselves in an unpleasant situation where they do not know where to go or how to get there, which usually causes frustration and spoils the holiday. Therefore, in case of Miami, the most important is to know how to travel within the city. The answer is probably obvious: by bus, of course. That is indeed a good answer, however, it is not a complete one. In order to get the most from one's vacation in Miami, one needs to use shuttle services as well.

However, for starters, let us focus on the advantages and drawbacks on buses in order to point out when it is better to get on a bus and when it is better to use shuttles. The first and the most obvious plus of getting on a bus is the low price of service. Public transport will always be the most economical form of moving around a big city. It is so for few reasons. The first one is that, practically speaking, hundreds of passengers are in fact chipping in in order to pay for a single bus course. Therefore, you will have to pay only a small fraction of the full bill. Secondly, very often they receive various financial grants from city councils, and third, buses drive only between fixed destination points. Because of the price, many people are using them which leads us to the biggest disadvantage of a bus: crowds. Miami itself has a very big population, and if we add the astonishing amount of tourists one gets overcrowded buses. That is why buses are great to go to a museum or to a beach, when all you have to carry is a small backpack, but when you want to get to your hotel from an airport a bus is probably the worst option possible.

Here is when shuttles come in handy. One may ask why not to call for a cab. The answer is simple: shuttles are cheaper and even more comfortable. Therefore if you arrive at, for example, Port of Miami shuttle services are your best bet. In fact, one may use shuttles as an alternative means of transport as the pick up points are established at every important part of the city, including downtown. This means that instead of going to a bus stop, one may go to one of these pick-up points and a shuttle will take you wherever you want.

To sum things up, the best thing to do is to use both buses and shuttles. Buses are great for light traveling and shuttles are a surprisingly good option that is much better than cabs and sometimes can even successfully substitute public transport.

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Ted Pass is a business writer with a passion for leisure and business traveling. When he visits south Florida he likes to use family-run Port of Miami shuttle services to support local business.