I find myself coming up with new ideas all of the time. Most of my business enterprise solutions revolve around my center mission, but not long ago I followed another person who I trusted into one of those business ideas that seemed "in line" with my mission at first, but as time passed, it just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing and lost heart in it entirely. This is a partnership that just didn’t work for me. Has anything like this happened to you before?

How invested are you in your business solutions?

When you get into these scenarios, there is usually some level of commitment. Not only did I invest money, but I was emotionally invested too. As typical with all of my hair-brained business ideas, I put my heart and soul into it. Does this scenario sound familiar? I couldn’t see the forest for the trees; it’s practically like being in love. You know, like when you can’t see anything wrong with the other person you're in love with because you are "feeling the love". This situation has happened to me a few occasions since being in business since 1995. So, I am now really able to hone in on when this starts happening. Even after all of those many years in business and dealing with this situation time and time again, I continue to maintain an open mind to business ideas, but I've become better at figuring out the moment they aren’t going to work.

This particular instance, it literally took 2 weeks until I began to become acutely conscious that the business idea was moving in a path that I didn’t like. The older I get, the better I become at finding out quickly the moment a business idea isn't likely to work out. It’s funny how being an entrepreneur requires "gut feelings". I know entrepreneurs that pick up on this quickly while others pick up on those feelings over time. I really feel it’s an issue of experience.

Listed here are a few things that I have discovered to aid you in moving on from business enterprise ideas that don’t work.

Revisit or re-read your business mission. Usually you are going to determine that business ideas that appeared suitable for you at the time are truly not in line with your business model.

Stay open-minded even if you might be emotionally invested. You will need to recognize problems as they arise along with being aware if it’s moving in the wrong path.

Pay attention to that inner voice. I realize that sounds odd, but most entrepreneurs generally know when there is a red flag in business. So, don’t ignore it. I've got a very dear friend that did ignore these voices and ended up losing everything to the point of bankruptcy.

Know when challenges arise if they can be corrected in a way that makes your daily life better or not. Business ideas shouldn’t be so problematic that you can’t enjoy life. So, if you see that one of your business ideas that has one issue after the other, it’s likely not really worth the headache.

Some business ideas go against You, Inc.

I remember there was a time for me when all I considered was the monetary aspect of the new business ideas that I started. I only got out and refocused after a period of time when the income was not what I believed it could be and wasn’t worth my time. As time went on, I have learned that money is definitely an important aspect to an entrepreneur. Ideally, that money is utilized for reinvesting into business ideas that do work. Having said that, realizing when the business ideas don’t make you happy is the best way to determine when to move on. Money doesn’t really have anything to do with happiness to that degree. This is a frequent misconception about business entrepreneurs. It’s not merely all about the money.

My advice is to continue to be authentic to who you are as a person as well as your core values. This will enable you to to not get into business ideas that don’t work in the first place. Understanding your mission and values further helps with realizing when to move on and let go of business ideas that don’t work.

To your success,

Sharon Koenig

The Prosperous Lady

When it comes to small business ideas it can be difficult to know when it's time for you to move on from a business enterprise idea, especially if you are heavily invested in that particular idea. I'm Sharon Koenig (a.k.a. Sharon Prosperity, The Prosperous Lady) and I hope that this article provided some insights to help you with that process.

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