Moving to a new house is a very expensive undertaking and getting the best deal on the moving services and saving on professional movers is a significant accomplishment. While negotiating for better rates and services with your cheap long distance movers may be beneficial to you, but you must never sacrifice on the quality.

If you want to engage into negotiating with the movers you are considering, then know that your overall moving cost depending on several factors like moving distance, shipment weight, additional moving services, time of year, etc and in most cases movers are not firmly established on their rates. Even if that is not the case, you have nothing to lose by trying to lower the moving prices so try your negotiation skills.

Learn the average rates
Before even you about negotiating prices, you must know what the average moving rates are. You can start by gathering free moving quotes online from various reliable movers by using Moversfolder. By studying and comparing these quotes you will be able to determine the average moving rates in your area.

Stay away from Fraudulent Movers
While comparing free moving quotes, stay away from companies that offer extremely low prices. Before contacting any mover, perform a background check on every mover to identify their business goals and policy. While researching moving companies can be a time-consuming process, but once you ensure that your entire belongings are in good hands you will realize that the effort was worthwhile.

Be flexible about your moving date
If you are flexible about your moving date, like moving during the off season, you can score a good moving deal from the cheap long distance movers you are interested in. To not lose you as a customer, they would reconsider and adjust their offer, especially if you are prepared to go for a more affordable move. Furthermore, if you agree to transport your belongings along with other customers’ possessions, the price is going to be even more affordable.

Ask for discounts directly
Don't hesitate to ask your cheap long distance movers whether they have some kind of discounts for new customers or returning customers or any such or if any marketing promotions are going on at the moment. You can also check online or on their website if you could find any coupons from which you could benefit from. If nothing works, you can try bluffing them that other moving companies are offering a lower price for the same moving services.

Negotiate with cheap long distance movers on additional moving services
Even if you are not able to get a discount, you can ask your movers to throw in some free additional moving services, like packing, disassembly, and reassembly of furniture, handling of delicate and oddly-shaped items or any other. But if your movers refuse to offer any free services, check out all the moving services that you had to buy to accomplish the job and negotiate on each of their prices. Your movers are more likely to reduce the rates of their services.

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